Friday, August 23, 2013



One, two, three heads with floppy ears I counted, appearing and peering up from the front seats; there were some more bobbing around in the back of the vehicle. I lost count. there seemed to be an entanglement of canine bodies and from the middle of it was “keep away,” barking.
A large man in working clothes hobbled towards the car.  It was one of those shaped like a tall post van, but with more windows. 
He opened the driver’s door and ordered the three dogs to “move over” so he could heave himself into his seat. The driver opened the passenger window, giving the one dog that stayed next to him, the opportunity to put its head outside. It wanted a pat. However, I was not sure about the aroma that wafted out at me as I patted it. 

Me: “How many dogs have you got?”
The barking dog deciding this was its cue to resume its rasping noise.
Q u i e t!” a female voice ordered. ………..Where had she been hiding.

Eleven, we’ve got eleven dogs,
Me:“I lost count”.
We often do as well”, said the woman, leaning forward from the corner of the rear seat as she spoke.

Just then the man at the wheel called Come here Tiger.
An almost white pigeon fluttered down onto the dashboard. Tiger’s tell tale trail signs of dried white splashes were already on it. The bird made no attempt to fly out of the open window.  It would not, it liked being where it was, I was assured. Tiger had been hand reared. There was a pigeon loft at home. No, they did not race or take messages anywhere, the other pigeons just enjoyed their home comforts in their loft.  Tiger, I was informed, was not part of the loft flock. 

The car with its canine, feathered and human cargo and the groceries, eased out of the parking space and disappeared from view.


David Oliver said...

Man coexisting with nature? No problem there.

ZACL said...

In a bright blue car, David, co-existing with all mod cons perhaps?


Anonymous said...

This post certainly conjures up some vivid images and made me smile.
I do wonder why people keep so many pets when even three or four are a handful, and as for the aroma with that many...! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hi Mr F,

If I hadn't seen the vehicle and its cargo, and spoken to the occupants, (the humanoid ones) it would have conjoured up some visions for me too!!

keiko amano said...


Gee, this is a mixture of interesting, amazing, and hilarious, but I think it's dangerous to drive with that many pets. The owners must be very busy all day.

Anonymous said...

People and their pets never cease to amaze me. We saw a woman walking along today pushing a type of buggy: a number of canine eyes looked out at us through the mesh.

ZACL said...

Hello Keiko,

I think you are right about the dangers of driving with any free wandering animal in a restricted car space.

I wouldn't want to buy a vehicle used like that one was. The fleas would be very hard to get rid of. It might just be possible to clear the pungent smell.

ZACL said...

Using a push chair to air the dogs, now, that is interesting. It's different to the dogs walking on their four legs...What could lie behind that activity?

I've seen lap dogs in bags, GillyK, especially when they are old, or on public transport.

Snowbird said...

What a lovely story, I can imagine they are kept busy, and imagine the walks!!! xxxx

ZACL said...

Hi Snowbird,

I'm glad the humans were not thinking of walking dogs and pigeon outside the grocery store.

You know, I am surprised that pigeon aka Tiger, was not on master's shoulder......... But, then he wouldn't have been allowed into the shop with a feathered friend aloft.

Anonymous said...

Though it could be annoying, I suppose, to someone who was not part of that family... I find it very endearing, and hope you had a great time with all.

ZACL said...

Hi Shimon,

At a distance the animals' family arrangement could be endearing. I did not spend long outside the vehicle.

Happy new year to you, may there be many blessings.