Sunday, December 22, 2013


Here is our latest corker, and no, it is not a Christmas cheer party piece. A ridiculours charade I would go along with as a starting point. 

Our worn and weary MAIN POST OFFICE is going to be closed for at least two weeks in January for 'upgrading'. Dealing with the three years old, (plus some) hole in the ceiling and the leak from the roof that runs along the cables into a bucket in the customer area, more like.

The helpful [not!] people in a London UK head office have advised customers who wish to deal with the business elements that main post offices are authorised to do, for example, checking passport and driving licence applications, to go to the next nearest main post office. To get to it, we would have to take a ferry journey of 21 miles across the sea!!!!!!  

Oops, oh dear, well, there are a couple of sub alternatives,  two sub-post offices equidistant, about five miles from where I live that can deal with general services.  Alternatively, if you fancy a 40 miles round trip, there's another post office that can undertake some of the work.

It leads you to think, (being kind and generous here) that either maps do not exist, or,  if they do, they do not show major seas.  Then again, we  do know some internet maps even move land masses to different parts of the globe.


Anonymous said...

Not surprisingly there's a definite sense of exasperation in this post. Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Is it that obvious Mr F. I refrained, with difficulty, from adding that the five miles post office options and the forty miles round trip one, are on land.


Snowbird said...

I think you ought to send this as a letter to your local paper....that will shame them for sure!xxx

Anonymous said...

we're only minutes away from a completely virtual world... the post office is an historical item. Alternatives must be found...

ZACL said...

Hi Shimon,

Businesses have been dealing with their own stamps with their own machines, some computerised others officially provided, for a long time. Their post still has to be fed through the post office systems for onward transmission.

I am not clear in my own mind, what kind of cyber substitute would operate, let alone work. It's one of those leaps into the unknown.