Wednesday, March 12, 2014


We were doing a mini re-organisation at home this week. Not having done that sort of thing for a long time,  it felt like a large upheaval; it was physically demanding. With a certain amount of  ingenuity, a heavy bedspread and a home-made small platform with wheels, one awkward piece of furniture arrived in its new position in one piece and best of all, there were no bumps, knocks, nor any minor injuries.

I had a mental picture how things were going to look when I finished reorganising. But like the proverbial 'best laid plans of mice and men....' at bed time I was still deciding whether or not the radio should sit on the shelf where it had sat before.  I unplugged it a few times to site it in one or two other places. It finally rested where it sat best, where I  had originally put it! Isn't that always the way. The plant is sitting pretty, in full daylight instead of reaching out to find it. It looked happy, it looked good; it can stay where it is.

A quick tidy to finish things off was on the agenda this morning. Q u i c k...I should have known better. Three little shelves, (they really are little) produced a surprising amount of dust and a treasure trove of  about twenty years of memories.  There's no swift way to sort, or, decide what to discard, with all that emotional attachment. 

Amongst the crumbs of years past, I found a gift card and written on it in a child's script was this:

Looking at this card gave me warm feelings.  It must have happened at the time of a school music festival, but when; worse still, who was Helen?  It is very disconcerting.


Anonymous said...

A quick tidy is rarely anything but...!
I'm sure that you'd like to remember who Helen is and how she's got on over the intervening years.
Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Mr F,

You are right on both counts. I shall ask sprog to see if a spark is forthcoming that will enlighten me about the mystery of 'Helen'


Snowbird said...

Oh I totally understand how a quick tidy up goes on forever! I do exactly the same, re-shuffle things and then put them back where they were in the first place. It's an illness with me.
Ahhh....cute have to work out who Helen is now.Another job!xxx

Anonymous said...

All my sympathy. Hub threatens to go out when I try to site or re-site something. And as for a 'quick' tidy ... especially of memorabilia! - that is a forlorn hope for me too. It's not the sorting that's the problem. It's the decision-making.

ZACL said...

It gets more emotive, Snowbird, I have now found the little gift that accompanied the card. I have yet to have a spark of 'anything' as to who Helen is. As you say, yet another job.

ZACL said...

Your problem, Gillyk, is exactly the one I have and did have with this latest find of memorabilia. A 'discard' bag is now ready, (I think) and I had better put it out of sight a.s.a.p.

One helpful thing, there was minimal archival stuff to be copied. There's enough of that already awaiting my attention.