Sunday, March 02, 2014


If an astrologer had described January as being a time of personal bombshells, I would not have entertained the suggestion. was.  It took the whole of  February for me to stabilize. Like all eventful times though, the repercussions go bubbling on.  They, (the repercussions) certainly kept me occupied and busy, the distractions were useful.  

Sculpt of a boy [having a power struggle] with a serpent and a lion- in the forecourt of The Canongate Church on The Royal Mile Edinburgh

All that said, I am still humbled by those who have been forced from their homes by wars  and the aftermath of storms and floods. I care about the people who are forced to the margins of our society by the uncontrolled actions of those we were meant to trust and those whom we are expected to trust.  There is much unrest in today's Global politics; these are dangerous times.

I was alerted to some photos sitting in a biodegradable bag by my desk, because it was biodegrading.  The pictures have been sitting there a long, long time.  I originally found them just when, with a whoop of glee and self-satisfaction, I thought I had completed the long careful task of copying old originals and restoring them.  Glumly, I saw I had not. That is why, that batch of pictures sat and sat and..... well, you get the picture, they were waiting for a new burst of enthusiasm for working on, which never came. 

However, while tidying up my digital picture folders on  my computer - the first 'efficiency' stage - I allowed myself to be drawn in to recent memories. In Edinburgh during Hogmanay, what could Super Mario and his compadre have been up to with these policemen? Not selling them their knotted balloons, Surely?

Miscreants, do not end up here, at Edinburgh Castle, these days.  Tourists do and quite right too.

Here's a clock dressed up for the Christmas season in one of the Edinburgh stores. Another hour to go before closing time.

 Lambs have been appearing. One of the three Suffolk Ewes produced triplets.  A North Country Cheviot  ewe  was introduced to one of the lambs to help with the milk feeds. It was amusing to see the lamb scampering between its siblings and its two mums. Here's a very recent picture of one of the Suffolk ewes with her twins.


Anonymous said...

Delightful picture of the ewe with her lambs - and I very much like that sculpture too. Do hope that those repercussions settle down for you sooner rather than later. I understand what you mean.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the coming months will be settled.
Wonderful pictures. My mum always named her black cats Smokey.
Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hello GillyK,

I was pleased with that long distance shot of the ewe and lambs from outside the back door and trying to avoid a 6' chain link fence. The group were half way up a deep field.

'Settling down' is very much the operative term I believe.

About the sculpt, I took three views of it and then saw a small, discreet insignia embedded into the plinth with a glass protective covering. If I remember, I will research it.

ZACL said...

Hi Mr F,


Interesting comment about pet names. The cat belongs to a friend, they have her daughter too, who, is smaller framed and is attractively mottled with the same colour grey fur as mum flowing through the mottle.

I am glad you enjoyed the pix.


Snowbird said...

Sorry to hear that you have been troubled recently, I hope all is well and that things get better.
I agree about these being dangerous times, each time I put the TV on I see images of endless suffering and feel dismal as there is little I can do about it.
I love Smokey, she reminds me of a grey cat I had as a child...gorgeous creature.

ZACL said...

Hi Snowbird,

We started seeing lambs in short bursts of time- weather permitting- about the beginning of February. The North Country Cheviots are lambing well at the moment, the Texels are next. After those, it's anybody's guess. There are various crossbreeds including mule crossbreeds. I lose track.

Smokey is a lovely cat, more even-tempered and less unpredictable as she has matured. she gets upset though when daughter appears, wanting a bit of the interaction, even if there's two of us to share it!

Thanks for your kind thoughts.