Saturday, June 06, 2015


By comparison with my escapades fitting RAM into my desktop, repeating the same upgrade exercise with my laptop was a doddle.  I earthed myself  to the radiator again, though the directions for the job were not so fussy about  the need for it.  As I was taught to use an ati-static  wrist strap for such jobs, I did it. You should not use any screwdriver that is magnetic. Darn!  That is exactly what we had. Luckily, we found another cross-head screwdriver  that seemed okay, it was the right size and I got on with the job.
There I was releasing the base,  gaily unscrewing the miniature screws; the first one rolled out onto the table and was promptly put into the safety of a container; the second one held on to the screwdriver head.  Oh no!  The screwdriver head was fine, the holder was was magnetic.  A fine instrument driver body was alright, great for an instrument technician which, I am not.


 Nothing for it but carry on.  Hope springs eternal ...and 'hope' worked.  Everything worked and with a zippy new lease of life.
You know what, I spent more time gazing at the components under 'the lid' than swapping the memory; the size of the components were dainty and the layout was fascinating.  It was a real work of art.


Anonymous said...

I'm pleased it worked out well. It's interesting how many people these days do see such engineering feats as art.

Anonymous said...

Well done. I have to say that such things are beyond me. Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hi Gilly,

It was good that it all sang and danced after the upgrade!

Engineering design and the makings are a whole area of art, as are the sciences. A fine and/or modern artist can expand their potential enormously in combination with these other materials facets.

ZACL said...

Thank you Mr F.

I used to think a car was beyond me, till I learned how to deal with the service basics, like checking spark plugs and their gaps, not to mention, the oil levels and batteries plus a few other things. On the other hand, I am not the world's best with a sewing machine!

Snowbird said...

Well I have to take my hat off to you! Marvelous that everything is working so much better!!! It is fascinating seeing all the bits and pieces inside isn't it? It's all rather miraculous to me!xxx

ZACL said...

Hi Snowbird,

If I were a good few years younger, I might study up what bits do what and where, and maybe, learn the technicalities that make them work. Fixing them up might be another story.

I've looked at one or two other possible upgrades that can be done with the laptop, if ever required. The instructions were enlightening as to what can be done. I have decided that those developments are just a bit too technically sensitive for me to risk. I have to be sensible and recognise my limits. It doesn't stop me being interested though.

Snowbird said...

Gosh...being a technophobe an all, that all kinda left me a little breathless,
in the MOST respectful me...should kneel! You GO gal! I'll hire you next time I have a computer problem!!! xxx

ZACL said...

Gosh! I feel like Helen Mirren did when the American comedienne, Ruby Wax, knelt on both knees to her, when H.M walked the red carpet in London on her way to an awards ceremony.

(It was for for Helen Mirren's portrayal of The Queen in the film not the latest portrayal in the play).

Thank you most humbly. Xxx