Monday, November 09, 2015


We have landed into the start of winter with a bump. I always need body clock catch up time with the seasonal change in clock times. This one should have been easier with the seductive extra hour (they say) in bed at the very beginning of the changeover. Who sleeps longer…I don’t. I don’t believe you’re really meant to. Daylight saving time doesn’t really work for us, as it is our dark time of year.  As we march on toward the Winter Solstice we don’t get much real daylight.  On the other hand, from March we have much more daylight constantly increasing through to the time of the Summer Solstice, by which time, it does not really get totally dark.  Anyway, since our clocks changed this time round, I haven’t stopped yawning.

All the turmoil around the globe vexes me. Some people are living in and on powder kegs, others are forced to flee them. Many do not make it. Those whose courage sustains them, do not have the luxury of gentle thoughts such as mine about seasonal clock times; they just want to stay alive.

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