Wednesday, November 15, 2017


It's a while since I posted here. Summer, such as it was, has been and gone. What I would call winter, of which, we are in the early weeks, our meteorologists call Autumn.

It does feel like the goal posts are being moved on so many fronts.  Our old familiar realities have been altered out of recognition.  We do get stuck in ruts at various points of life, not all are comfortable. Hopefully, though, we are able to move on. The world seems to be turned back -to -front and on its head. I am, therefore, not sure what moving on, and on into some of the present alternative realities means. 

Whose realities are they and on what are they based?  The answers will be diverse, in the main, by virtue of culture and experience.  Darwin's proposition of the survival of the fittest is ever omnipresent.  People will  hold onto a range of lifelines while negotiating the quicksands that they are moving through.

A rut might be quite nice after all.


Snowbird said...

What a sweet picture! Yes, a rut may be the better option, especially as the cold kicks in. Moving on is a job for spring methinks!xxx

ZACL said...

Hi Snowbird,

Thanks for looking in.

I took the picture many years ago. The two four leggéd friends really did seem quite close to one another, both physically and sociably. There was much there to think upon.

Spring is a reasonable thought. What will 'springing forward' be like? Ruts can be very comfortable in disturbing times.

zalandeau said...

Il est de plus en plus difficile de poster un commentaire...

Je te souhaite le bonjour. Comment vas-tu ?

Dans l'est de la basse-normandie, nous avons eu les mois de juillet et août les plus froid que j'ai connus... Seul fin juin a été vraiment estival !
Et pourtant sur l'ensemble de la France, il parait que la moyenne de température a été très bonne sur juillet-août... Comme quoi les moyennes ne veulent rien dire !!!

ZACL said...

Bonjour Zalandeau,

Je suis tres contente de voir ton commentaire. Je marche assez bien merci; est toi?

Oui, c'est vrai, les temps il ne faisont pas plus un forme reguliere, il est beaucoup comme les modes socials et politiques du monde maintentant.


Anonymous said...

What an intricate post! Plenty to muse on. Yes, I know the call of the rut (not the stag sort, either, in case anyone's wondering ... ) but I'm much more the sort of person who thinks 'aha, a challenge!' and leaps in with a happy cry, only to discover I can't swim as well as I thought. At that point a warm rut with hot chocolate and towel is always welcome.

ZACL said...

Hello Gilly,

I've been on the missing comments hunt, and found a number in one of some spam boxes, those that are buried about three or four layers below the usual surface level. 'Bin and 'trash' apparently take precedence in the layering! It is how I found your comment. (Shakes head).

Thanks for your comment. I was rather hoping no-one would heed the call of the stag rut!! ;)

The complexities of today's events and so-called realities are very tricky to encapsulate succinctly. I am not sure if 'understanding' any of it is likely to be enlightening. For sure it is not easy. Comfort zones, like your hot drink and curling up into a warm blanket have a lot going for them.