Monday, May 07, 2018


I haven't posted for a while here, so, thought I would raise my head over the parapet and say 'hi'.

Many bloggers have found other interests and have stopped posting.  That's life.   One blogger from here has moved to another blog provider seeking pastures and audiences new.  I looked at my little list of people/blogs I followed here and noted four active ones.

late last year I received notification of a comment on a blogger's Blogspot post, one that was written about three years ago, on which I had commented at the time. In for a penny in for a pound....  I took the opportunity to make another comment.  I received a very nice reply and an interesting update of what the blogger was currently doing.

 I am still posting when the notion takes me, mostly on Wordpress, (WP) which, is not the most intuitive of sites and not one that facilitates social chatting really and it can put off potential bloggers who have been used to more intuitive blog sites.  WP focuses, it seems, more on entrepreneurial efforts. I have got used to operating with WP without introducing any clever artificial intelligence.  However, as mentioned, I do find this site is easier to work with. 

But, I am glad to say,  for all the 'strangeness' of WP,  I have remained in contact with people who moved from a blog site that decided to commit Hara Kiri, the majority of whom do not post on this site.  Like me, however, one or two are connected to both WP and Blogspot.

For Now...


Anonymous said...

It's always interesting to catch up with you, either hither or yon!

zalandeau said...

Good Midday ! You are on WP, now ? What is the linK ?

Often we are deceived beavause, a blogger stop writing, because links of friendship built up themselves are broken...

Très bonne journée d'anniversaire de l'armistice

Snowbird said...

I always find it a little sad when bloggers just disappear, especially bloggers who you become friendly with, it's like losing a friend. One guy I followed last posted that he was about to undergo brain surgery, that was the last I heard from him, I've never had any replies from emails I've sent inquiring after his health.I loved the photos here!xxx

ZACL said...

Bonjour Zalandeau,

My WP link is

Je suis contente d'ecoute de toi-meme.

ZACL said...

Hello Snowbird,

It is sad when people with which we build up a good communication disappear. In your example, it does leave you wondering - in limbo - a great deal.

On the other hand,some people wander off into the ether of life to elsewhere when they feel a natural end has arrived for them. I think the disruption caused by the demise of BCUK sped up the decision of some of our commenters and blog circle to give up blogging. WP was difficult to work with at the beginning. It was too much for some of those that tried tinkering with it. I am not sure that it is any easier now. I stuck with the template I set up as I can't possibly contemplate creating another one or adding features. Blogspot is so much easier to operate with. If we'd been guided in this direction it could have been a better transition for a number of people. Making new contacts is a strange art form on WP. But hey ho, it is what it is. xxx