Thursday, August 30, 2018

Goodness, Gracious Me!

I hadn't realised I had been away from here all this time. It was earlier this year I last posted.

Just popping in to say hello to other bloggers, who I guess  are not posting so much these days either.  I have another platform at Word Press which hears from me from time-to-time, when the notion takes me. Some of you, I know, regularly post over there and not here anymore.

Ah well, it's early evening and if I don't wander off to the kitchen there will be no culinary delights for the evening meal.  I'm planing a cauliflower cheese with variations, time permitting.

Bye for now.



gill said...

If we're not careful social media can make us feel neglectful! I love cauliflower cheese. What were your variations?

ZACL said...

You've absolutely pinpointed it! Yup, things here did look a bit empty and I hooked up.

Variations with cauliflower cheese, I add things into the mix like, sliced or chopped mushrooms, occasionally sliced courgette, though you have to be careful with this mushy one, it can make for a watery sauce. I also like to mix chunky chopped boiled egg/s through the cheese sauce before I add it to the cauliflower. I have been known to sprinkle grilled crispy bacon pieces on top for the last few minutes of cooking with,or without sliced tomatoes. (Lardons would fit the bill). When I remember, I add a 1/4 -1/2 flat tsp of dried English mustard to the cheese sauce, which I always make from scratch. Made up (yellow) mustards will introduce vinegar and other spice flavours and if you use them, you'll have to carefully adjust to taste. Brown and grain mustards will give you a brown tinted sauce plus whatever else is in them. As you know, if you make your own sauce,the cheese/s you use will dictate the base colour of it. Enjoy!

Snowbird said...

Time does seem to be running away with itself! Autumn already!xxx

ZACL said...

Hi Snowbird,

I was writing the date and had to stop to register that it was indeed September. Time does run, too fast.


ZACL said...


Do you have a PM facility on here or, on WP? I was searching for a link to PM you and drew a blank in both cases.