Thursday, November 17, 2005


Winter is really upon us here in the far north of Scotland. Since last week we had pounding gales, with winds gusting up to 85 miles per hour (you'll have to work out the equivalent kilometers). Last Friday most of Scotland's bridges were closed. The very cold rain, sleet and even watery snow has arrived, with which the wind plays havoc.

At this time of year we have very short days and as the summer months approach we have very long days of light, like the white nights. I have read a credit card outside at nearly midnight without the assistance of any other light; sadly, it wasn't my credit card...

If we have clear frosty nights, it is possible to view the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) when they appear and last year they were spectacular. Our views are particularly good as we have a vista which is about 75% horizon; it almost feels like being in a bowl, which is a description that explorers to the North Pole often give of their experiences. There is no necessity to go to those extremes to find it, the intrepid traveller can experience the phenomenon in the far north of Scotland

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