Monday, February 11, 2008


I am fed up listening to the apologists for Rowan Williams, the Archbishop Canterbury, the Primate of the Anglican Union. He said what he said. If he wanted to start a global academic discussion about the various interpretations that can be made about his comments, he did it. He has galvanised the concerns of greater public, which contains all ethnic groups.

It must be remembered that the reaction to Williams' suggestions of incorporating aspects of Sharia Law into our civil law,(and presumably criminal law too) has come in the first instance, from a huge groundswell of people opinion, not the media. Sure the media picked it up, but people, many of whom will be Church of England members and Christians of all types, have been stirred into expressing their antagonism, along with other faith groups.

Now, a variety of different faith people have come to Williams' beleagured side, because they either know him and feel they can interpret what he meant, on his behalf, or he supported them in their campaigns in the past.

This week the Synod of the Church of England meets - it begins today - Rowan Williams will speak. I trust he can personally offer a good exercise in damage limitation.

In future, if he has a longer term one as the religious Primate, Rowan Williams and his advisers need to take a good hard look at what is going to be placed in the public domain.


Vincent said...

Oh, I am on his side too. But not a Christian at all. I've read one or two of his sermons online. He's a good man and a thinker. It is not easy to be a Christian: I mean a member and prime upholder of a religion whose days are numbered. I wouldn't want to see anyone in this martyrdom role than dear Rowan. And if he inadvertently splits the Anglican community between the gay-lovers and gay-haters, and the parts go their separate ways, I would not want anyone but him to preside over that cataclysm.

I like your site by the way, and think it should have more visitors. Met you on Hayden's Lyric Flight.

ZACL said...

Hi Vincent,

Glad to hear from you. It would be good to have more interaction. I don't blog here often as it is so quiet.

Your perspective is an interesting one, you could be quite right in your thinking here. The moral right wing of the Anglican communion, is a fissure which is constantly enlarging

Vincent said...

I was about to comment on your post, to support dear Rowan, who to me represents the best of the Church of England (though I am not a member and have never even been a Christian, despite being churchified twice a Sunday at boarding school)---only to discover I had commented years ago, and received a gracious reply from you!

Have now added your blog to my regular reading list.