Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We are now in the days after.......

The ritual of the burial is over, though there will be the cards that came with the floral tributes to be collected, soon, and the inscription on the stone to arrange in due course. There were so many kindnesses. There were people who came to the service and the grounds who grieved our loss with us, it was a loss for them too. There were others there to support us, their friends, when we most needed their comfort.

Some people call these days, a period of being in a bubble. I find it more of a limbo land, a disconnection from life state; a re-settling and re-arranging of emotions in daily living. It takes time.

With distraction, I find myself doing things that do make me smile, others that frustrate me, and worst of all, I know I am not firing on all cylinders. This afternoon I slept - not forty winks - it was a sleep. I guess this was a bit of catch up and a little chance to find a peaceful slot in the day.

I have been out tonight with young friends, the children who grew up together who have also been touched by our bereavement. I believe it has been good for all of us. sharing some of their youthful lifetime memories which intermingle with our own.

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