Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Next blog..... someone's bachelor pre-nuptial photos. Even a few fuzzy ones.
Next blog..... someone's wedding photos.
Next blog..... Ooh, more photos, some quite pretty, not sure what of.
Next blog..... Hispanic - can make out one or two words.
Next blog..... Another Hispanic blog; looks like Stoneage cartoons, translation facility worse than trying to work out bits of the Spanish vocabulary. I won't bother using one of those widgets.

Next blog..... Oh. I've run out of search boxes. Back to dashboard to start again.
Next blog..... I 've seen this Hispanic one before, there's the translation widget.
Next blog..... Thunderbird - could it be on a hat? It's a very Cyrrilic site, can't read or understand any of it, no means of moving on - back to dashboard.

Next blog..... takes a hours to appear, its loaded with digital images of flashy kind. there's a box, doesn't say what it's for. Type in CNN. The next screen, just about empty and in Spanish, tells me that there is no such thing on that website.........but, I get a box that says--------Next blog.

I don't take up the invitation, I've had enough for one night. Surely, there must be a better and simpler way to connect up with the world's blogging fraternity.


TG said...

Don't press the next button... I've read so many post about this. It's nonsense, really. And it's like millions of blogs out there, yet it seems like some blogs appear more times.

If you want to connect with the 'blogger fraternity' do the blog hopping. It goes like this: You comment on a blog u like. U see a comment by someone else, click on the link, check his blog, comment there. Find a nice comment there, click on the link, check that blog, comment there... and so on and on.

I started blogging more often this year, like 3 months ago. I had 1 or 2 comments or zero most of the time before. Check now, I have like 30 comments on my last post. Because I became friends with many other bloggers (also with you). We also use Twitter and FB, so these days it's very easy to connect even outside the blog. And then you get steady readers, plus they recommend you a lot of new blogs and suddenly you have like 20/30 blogs in your Google reader. It goes fast :)

Anonymous said...

i read earlier in 'blogger buzz' that we'll be getting lots of special presents for the 10th anniversary...maybe a simpler way to find good blogs will be one of them?

ZACL said...

Hello MKL - blog hopping, sounds like a new hovercraft service :)

I take your point, and have started to move around a bit. I have left comments here and there, including a couple with a trainee priest at his seminary in Rome. I doubt I'll get a response though. I gave into the temptation of curiosity with that one!

There was someone travelling, who was in Innsbruck, not sure if the blog was old, I didn't look. I left a comment though.

Thank you for placing me on your blog friends list. I have you on mine as well.

Hi Ax, We've been cut off the internet here, a major outage covering an area the size of Wales. Just got re-connected.

My heavens! Blogger Buzz are going to give us special presents. We could be getting some wee emoticons. I guess we won't know what we are being offered till the wrapping comes off.

Sometime this weekend, I'll take time out to watch the video on Blogger. See if it gives us any hidden hints or tips. Now that would be good .....maybe I am being too, too, optimistic!

zewt said...

i guess my blog didnt disappoint you eh?

my days of blog hopping is over... used to sleep at 4am everyday but that has taken its toll...

ZACL said...

I don't usually read black background blogs as I find them a strain on my eyes.

Your post was an interesting one for me, which is why I tried to read through all of it and why, I left you a cooment.

Nice to meet you!