Friday, August 14, 2009


Two things:

First I downloaded a free undelete programme, one which appears to be honourable.

The only thing was, that one of the two pictures I wanted to retrieve saved up in an unknown format. I cannot think why. They were taken with the same camera and deleted by me on the same viewing session.

I have received as an attachment, some monochrome pictures in Word format. They were obviously imported into Word so that more than one picture could be sent at anyone time, and so that text labelling could be added under each picture.

a) Does anyone know if there any way of converting the pictures I received into proper Jpegs? I cannot bring up this option in 'Save As'.

b) If it is not an option, what else may be possible with the attachment I have, so that I can import them into my digital imaging programme?

This might be a tall order, or totally impossible. 8|


Vincent said...

I've had similar problems frequently. But I couldn't explain a single way to solve yours. If you email me a copy, I could have a go, using various tools. I'm not saying that if I can't solve it no one else can. You could send it to powysian at hotmail dot com and let me know by replying here, as I don't check that email address often.

ZACL said...

Thank you for your kind offer, I will contact you about this. I am trying a couple of ideas, though one is quite technical and so far a result has eluded me.

ZACL said...

Hi Vincent,

I have sent an email to the address you suggested. Hope you find it.