Friday, September 04, 2009


Why is it when I get the slightest notion of not being quite 'with this world',  none of the inspiring buses arrive?  If you wait at a bus stop and the bus you wanted doesn't arrive at the right time, the adage goes that when the right one does show up, it will arrive as one in a row of three.  Surely, I should  have at least one inspirational bus show up. 

Right then, here I am a bit woozy and I don't even see a flash of divine colour.  I do see, however, lakes with some houses marooned in the middle of  these lakes, where before, there were fields.  In other pasture, sheep find paths by the rivers that have formed in them.  The river itself, is in spate, what a speed the water travels at.  It makes me dizzy to look at it.  A footbridge over the water is still intact, though not long before,  it was impassable, signs of the flooding and now receding water are visible.  There are no water birds, such as ducks, in sight.  They, no doubt, have sought protective nooks.

Roads are passable with much care. In parts the only way to pass is to take the centre and allow for informal one-car passage at a time.  All this happened in one day and a night.  In some areas there has been a month's rain in that time.  Let's hope there'll be a lull that will give the extensive flooding there has been, the opportunity to subside.

Nature's mayhem is remarkable and cruel.  Nature's buses I would not choose to wait for, yet, they came  and in full force.


TG said...

You seem so romantic here... I start to wonder... how do you look like? What is it that makes you so observant and deep? Then again, I better not see more images, I feel I need to make my imagination flow and lose myself in your lovely thoughts :)

ZACL said...

Hello MKL,

Your comment has set me thinking about my own thoughts and how I have described the reality of what I saw. An unexpected 'bus' has arrived!!

Thank you.

Vincent said...

I'm too polite to ask what has made you woozy, and I hope you are too discreet to tell. Very evocative post about flood.

ZACL said...

Would that it were a wooze through a haze of Bacchus' gifts. Sad to tell, it is not.

My next post just published, will give you a large clue. The joys of Bacchus will have to be offered elsewhere for now.

Have one on me Vincent!

Regarding the flooding, the evocations were rather too much of a concern here. The one footbridge I described, appears to have held again, the other, which had a water mains pipe running underneath it, completely fractured last time and has just been re-built in a different design, and opened to use.

We seem to have had our fair share over the last 3 years. We live on top of a hill and were sandbagged on one occasion.

keiko amano said...


I love everything about this post:
Bus and the nature's bus. I can relate to them all.

ZACL said...

Hi Keiko,

You are taking me down memory lane. The force of the memory fades, the actually memory of the force, does not.