Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Mozilla so want their followers to contact them, that they make it more difficult than climbing the Himalayas to find a way to do so.

Like the majority of internet, sites you have navigate (see I've got the language) all the FAQ's, heaven only knows how many millions of them, before you move on to make contact.  That almighty frightening noun 'contact' that means there are people out there with real questions that have not been answered before.  At least, the questions have not been asked and answered in the exact manner in which such a unique problem arises.  Mozilla, like others, have created a virtual fortress around themselves.

Mine, however, appears to be a difficulty that has not ever been reported; but then if it had, and it was in techie-speak, I would not know about it anyway, because I would not have understood the jargon.

There you are, ploughing through the FAQ's, many of which are couched in totally technical terms of one kind or another. They could be talking hardware or software or both.  The important things is, they are talking but not in any language I can understand.  How therefore, am I supposed to effectively use the FAQ's?

This is where the fun starts:

You register a 'bug' report.  What a great term that is.  Out of the ether, someone makes contact, saying  they have the same problem, and to let them know if I get a fix on it.  Nice one.....or is it.

Like you do, I check my email but..........my junk box is registering activity.  It has been efficiently quiet for a long, long time. What do I find in it?  Two requests for me from Mozilla bug site.  Their own communications have been picked up as spam or bugged mail because of the language they use in their mail and headings.  How bizarre is that!

If you haven't guessed it already, I have filed another bug report, suggesting they create a template for replies that is accepted by their own email client filter, that is not likely to be diverted to mine or anyone else's junk mail box.  I cannot believe that I am the only person to have noted this ridiculous situation.


TG said...

They probably had thousands of bug reports every day :) I guess it takes some time.

ZACL said...


I understand that Mozilla have lots of requests; however, it is ridiculous when their own communications are considered to be bugs or spam by their own email client, (Thunderbird) because of the language they use in their headers etc. It is just as well I looked at my junk folder.

MKL said...

Yes, I agree. You know, what's funny. Certain people who comment on my blog, their notification email is sent to my spam folder. That's crazy and it just doesn't make any sense. The mail is marked as a threat. Sometimes I have no idea, how the interwebs work :S