Saturday, September 05, 2009


  • Who honestly and truly expected there to be a free and fair [ and democratic] vote in Afghanistan? 

  • On what levels of expectation were these weird Western ideas developed and set?  
  • Surely those who are there in official roles were never that naive?

Sure, there has been an election campaign with  two main contenders.  That's a start; quite a big one I would say.  It has got to be better than a bloody coup together with all those various insurgents vying to take power in their inimitable ways.

It's a bit like a blog space.  I can hear the current players saying, this my site, I blasted well do what I like and in my way.  If you don't like it, you know what you can do.......etc,etc, etc. However, one contender has already got the bigger stage and all the trappings that go with it.  He is intent on holding onto it. If he is doing it by peaceful means, that is, stuffing ballot boxes in his favour, or at least getting others to do so on his behalf, in my book that is preferable in the present environment of Afghanistan, than stirring up any additional malicious and dirty warring behaviours.  There are others already there, who will stir up fear soon enough.

No doubt, Dr Abdullah will hold his counsel just now, with the encouragement of the senior Western advisers. We hear of fiery meetings in back rooms to broker some globally acceptable game playing like a second round of voting. There are high stakes here, walking on egg shells would be firmer.
I am not in favour of much of what I hear and see, but I do not live in the country; I have not had, as a woman, the misfortune by accident of birth to be there.  Compromises, however unpalatable are going to have to be sought to develop a manageable 'peace'.


Flighty said...

I simply believe that we shouldn't be there at all. It's been a dreadful waste of life, money and time. In the near future we'll withdraw having achieved nothing long-term. xx

ZACL said...

History certainly confirms your view.

Paddy Ashdown, whose thinking in this region I respect, is waiting the outcome of the present election games before he wades in with anything definitive.