Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It defies belief. Maybe not for the organisation I have in mind. Happily, I shall not be requiring too much of them in the future, it is obviously too taxing for them to get things right.

Wouldn't you expect that when you check your banking online, (there are times when it is unavoidable) you would be able to see a statement that at least was bang up to date, with a 'today'. The bank site I visited tonight, all very bright and snazzy, like wearing a fur coat and no knickers, just could not do it.

It did not matter what I tried, for the one account, the best detail I could bring up, was up to early October. One other type of account gave me today's details. If they can do it for one, why not the other? They have received a polite but patronising email from me. I wish the organisation would be less interested in sub-headings for their emails and get their main act together.


Flighty said...

Typical of banks! Need I say more? xx

zewt said...

i hope it's not the bank i work with :P though it might just be.

i think the world's local bank's service is pretty good.

ZACL said...

Hi Mr F

No, you don't need to say more...xx

ZACL said...

Hello Zewt,

I doubt very much that the bank in this post is one you work for; I would assume your banks could get their programming working most of the time, or is that an delusion on my part?

I shan't have to concern myself in any major way, with that bank much longer, I am pleased to say.