Friday, November 27, 2009


I get thoroughly bored with those who jump on the media's favourite bandwagon for the day or the week, rarely giving time for any other non-sensational information to seep out, if it is given space to. Not to mention, of course,  hearing about issues other than the navel gazing variety.   You would almost believe that the media is neutral, balanced, unbiased, sweet and nice.


TG said...

You speak my mind.

ZACL said...

Trouble is, we don't have much influence, other than not to purchase newspapers, divorce ourselves from anything and everything that is happening.

Being an ostrich is not an answer to it, and I do not know what is.

Vincent said...

I listen to Radio 4 quite often, for the sake of ranting against it, the lack of education of its journalists, the fashionableness of its follies, determining who should be lined up against the wall and shot, etc etc. No need to look further, to the Mail and Guardian for example, who from their opposite ends of the spectrum make me foam at the mouth.

We have a new Sainsbury's nearby. Somehow it reminds me of the Guardian (hypocrisy etc.)

My choice is to divorce myself from everything that's happening outside the radius of walking distance - say 5 to 10 miles in all directions.

Blogging is a kind of warp drive (if that is the right SF expression) to bridge the further distances.

ZACL said...


Your suggestion is the ostrich approach.

Somehow, I think not, Vincent, you are an informed person, and like all of us, you sift information that will suit your views. I too have a rant or rave and get a jibe or two for doing so from the other half. It makes me feel better to express my views even if it is to an inanimate object. The living one, obviously does not approve!