Monday, November 23, 2009


As I wandered out of a store past the newspaper stand,  two  front page  headline 'view grabbers' as I call them, caught my eye. 

One 'grabber', a banner, boldly stated, " How I beat depression". At that moment, I could think of many possibilities for beating it, the main one being, don't buy newspapers, and especially, not that one.  If I was feeling down or seriously depressed, would I want to read a newspaper?

Under a rather nice smiling picture of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, in another daily rag,  a headline ran..."Diana, secret lover to marry".  The story, such as it might have been, (I did not seek it out) was to be found somewhere on the inside pages.   I snorted with disgust and went out of the store, into the wet night.  The media will stoop to anything,  by encouraging, even appealing to, voyeuristic tendencies,  to try to sell  its footage.


Anonymous said...

Typical media! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hi Mr F.

It is horribly typical of media. The media are zooming in on a particular age group that they believe are base enough to be interested in their low level games. It is offensive.

Vincent said...

I'm not sure why you publicly pick a quarrel with the media. If they are contemptible in our eyes, let us ignore them. A gentleman does not challenge an inferior to a duel, right?

ZACL said...

lol :)

Hubby would say, never pick an argument with a pig.

The suggestion could be that the pig will win.


It's not you or me I am taking issue with, it's the bandwaggoners on all sorts of blogs, in all types of media who jump on themes without a thought, any analysis, or intelligence. I think I am getting better at avoiding the big yawn from an unnecessary wading activity.