Tuesday, December 01, 2009

We had our first really wintry night and day. A hard frost lay over the land, there was no freezing mist, there was no bright sun either.

I donned my padded coat, with its ribbed neck collar and double storm front, found my warmest gloves, made sure I had comfortable footwear, with a suitable sole, and trotted out. 

It was just the right kind of day for a walk, that sort of healthy dry cold weather, in which you meet unhealthy people with their current viruses, coughs, colds and laryngitis, keen to let you know, what they've got, by whatever means possible.

I was taking a short cut to the other side of town. Most of the ice underfoot had disappeared on the paths; but, on one slope, there was an almost invisible stretch of it. Someone coming in the opposite direction noticed the ice patch and carefully stepped round it. She talked about where it might be safest to continue her walk.

Another person trotted down the slope, I called out a warning. She was unsure how to deal with it,not a good thing. I talked this woman through the few steps round the danger point. Last year, she said, she had fallen, and did not want to repeat the experience. 

Both of the ladies were wearing flat dainty 2-lace holes shoes, with unsuitable soles. (Must be a generational thing). I hope they are able to have a re-think about their footwear, now we have had our first experience this Winter, of real icy conditions.


TG said...

Wow, is it so cold already? We're so lucky these days in Slovenia. 2 days ago we had 15 degrees Celsius. I saw daisies bloom. But it'll soon be very cold, I suppose.

ZACL said...


I am amazed you still have such warm temperatures. Your flora and fauna must be very confused.

The weather forecasters say it will warm up again after today, though what that means for us, I am not very sure.

Anonymous said...

I'm always puzzled at people who go out in adverse weather wearing clothes and shoes that are totally inappropriate. Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hello Mr F,

I am surprised, as you are. I think that day, the inadequate footwear was even more surprising, as the evidence of a hard frost overnight was visible for the earlier part of the morning.

My own footwear was not the 'Arctic' variety, but I made sure the soles were able to cope.