Wednesday, February 03, 2010


We investigated the bird feeders this morning. I can almost hear you ask, "Investigate bird feeders?".  It's not that we want all the feathered friends in the neighbourhood to flock to our garden, share and share alike, I say.

It seemed curious that the lovely new peanut house didn't seem to attract bird life, the four perch seed feeder seemed a forlorn perching place, and the fat balls just weren't disappearing. That is until today.  I saw a bunch of blackbirds or perhaps they were crows, nibbling at the minute bits of fat balls left in the almost empty nets.

In between heavy snow falls, we decided it was time to put out some more fat balls and refill the seed feeder. On checking the seed feeder with a smaller one, we discovered that the access to the seeds in the four perch feeder was restricted, meaning therefore, that the birds could not get to the larger seeds in the mix. They had piled up at the bottom of the feeder, and were going nowhere. Those seeds were shaken out on top of the new snow. For now, the small seed feeder with a single perch, (but two nibbling access points) is out while the other one is cleaned and dries off. We shall probably modify it.

This afternoon The birds are back, doing their gripping little perch dances, and exploring the food stores that we have left out for them.


flightplot said...

As I'm sure that you've found there's a lot of bird feeders available!
I would guess you saw blackirds rather than crows.
I think that once the weather improves there you'll start to see more birds on your feeders.
Happy bird watching! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

There's rather too many feeder designs around, not all them helpful. There is a generic bird seed market, but a closed shop seed feeding sales market. The designs of the feeders are meant to make you, me and others, buy only their company's packs of bird seed, "specially made for the feeder". No way!

I think I saw blackbirds. One or two are now sitting on our fence eyeing up the fat balls and other food.

There was a vivid red Robin red breast yesterday, and one or two very fast moving little ones this morning, perhaps, finches.

Anonymous said...

i'm either not paying enough attention or the bird population here is restricted to seagulls and pidgeons...i can't even remember when i last saw a robin.

ZACL said...

Hello Ax,

In the days when I lived near your shores, there was a variety of flying wildlife including plenty of seagulls - though none as big as the ones I see here - sparrows, thrushes etc. I didn't pay much close attention to feathered bird life then, I was very occupied with keeping my feet firmly planted on the ground and watching life at different levels.

It is just possible Ax, that some of the varieties of birds are now fewer in number than before, and those that there are, may be choosing to fly around in the countryside around your location.