Sunday, February 07, 2010


I managed to get some pictures of the Suffolks with their lambs from a distance. They still weren't in the ideal place. (see previous post for reference).
Suffolk Mum and lamb
but they were a little more obliging today, than on my previous attempts to take their portraits.
Suffolks and lambs
It seemed one ewe was on the wrong path to find her own lamb.
Not  related
There were also a new pair of wobbly leggéd twins, (different breed)on a first outing with their mum.
First Outing


Vincent said...

Portaits? or portraits?

Anonymous said...

Seeing them is another reminder that spring can't be far away! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Thanks Vincent. :)

That's a lesson in not doing things in the fast lane when you are tired.

Title corrected.

ZACL said...

Hi Mr F.

We saw lambs in early January, mostly in the large barns that have their doors open. They are early ones.

The Suffolks were purchased late last year already pregnant, so it was a question of what arrived and when with them.

Yesterday being the first day for sometime, with an interlude of brightness, did perk up everything. I even saw some snowdrops beginning to burst forth. We'll have to see what today brings. It is colder again.


TG said...

They look rather fat and perky. I'm sure they enjoy themselves there :P

ZACL said...

I'm not sure if you are talking about the size of the lambs or their mums, MKL. :)

If it's the lambs, yes they are good sized lambs, they are plump and are doing well.

If it is the mum's you are referring to, sheep are like most mammals. They lay on extra fat during pregnancy and take time, in the majority of instances, to get back their more usual shapes. The white sheep were new mums, so hadn't got back any shape at all.

Anonymous said...

the ewe in the third picture looks as if she's trying to avoid having her photograph taken...
i'm glad you persevered though!

ZACL said...

Hi Ax.


The ewe in the third pic, has either not yet had her lamb/s, (likely) so is playing hard to get as she's got nothing to show off but herself, or she's got a waif gone astray, (most unlikely I'd say).

Leah said...

Wonderful pictures!

ZACL said...

Hello Leah,

Glad you enjoyed the pics. These types of scenes are a bit scarce at the present time because of our indifferent weather conditions.

keiko amano said...


I love the last photo. It's hilarious and cute. The life anywhere must not be easy especially looking at the wild, dark sea. But in the same general area--is that right?--when the sun shines, it surely looks nothing but peace.

ZACL said...

Yes, Keiko, we are not far from the sea, the bay that you saw in the photos I used in my post of the 27th July 2010.

Just after the sheep and lambs were seen in the fields, we had more very cold, icy,snowy, Winter weather. It was a long time before we saw any animals out roaming fields, after that.

Mum Suffolk recently gained a Champion's award at a local agricultural show and one of the lambs obtained a 1st and a 2nd place between two different shows. The lambs are half grown now and looking very sturdy indeed.