Friday, February 12, 2010


Oh looked like my computing life was over, at least in the short term. I am still not sure if I will be temporarily bowing out, not intentionally you understand, but as an unintended consequence of trying to keep my creaking PC jogging along for a while longer. Tonight, things are looking a little fragile but hopeful. Tomorrow, finally, I shall know which way the dice will fall. 

On Wednesday, driving a two miles an hour trip over a scarified road surface with the merest of steps, (you couldn't describe it as a ramp)caused an unusual sounding "bump -thump". It had to be something in the boot, I thought. "Bump-thump" continued on bends, but not on the straight bits of road. I started to pay heed as it became a more persistent sound. I drove up a sharp gradient, "Scrape,bump,bump-thump,thump". I parked and saw an insecure plate. Oh! :( By the time I had negotiated mini speed bumps and had parked for the night, the noise was fearsome. In the dark it appeared I had a bit of car hanging down to the ground.

In daylight the bit of car looked no better. An old elastic hair band came to the rescue, securing whatever it was off ground level to something or other. At the garage, a gruff man put the car on a ramp, had a quick look and got a lad to tweak. Came back out with the car a few minutes later, setting the car nose forward for me to drive away. "No, there's no charge, it was an inconsequential plate worked loose", he said, as I tried to go and pay at the desk. I offered the man of few words my hand, he took it,I covered it with my other hand and I expressed my sincerest, grateful thanks. This taciturn man's face broke into a huge beaming smile. It was great to see!
What do the computer and the car have in common this week? Repairs.


Vincent said...

You probably need a new computer. They need so much memory these days. But you won't like it if the new computer forces you to have Windows Vista, I'll bet. I have to deal with it professionally, but I've got used to XP now, after about 4 years.

Why can't they leave things alone? Why can't we have a moratorium on change in technology, so that we have a chance of perfecting what we've already got?

I know the answer of course---Microsoft and all the others need to go on selling things. Mobile phone companies are always at risk of going out of business because everyone already has a mobile phone. Me, I have no compassion for them and remain using a Nokia that my daughter cast off about seven years ago.

ZACL said...

Hello Vincent,

How is your labour of love progressing?

You are right about needing to change the computer. Apart from data rescue, it has been impossible to do anything but put the original 'c' drive back, with yet another repair having been done. I will keep my desktop pc going a while longer. I do back up data regularly. I also want a bit more use out of some of my peripherals, that a new system might not support.

Again, you are right, I do not want crappy vista and will avoid it at all costs. I hear the new Windows platform is pretty decent. However, I am dubious about staying with MS platforms, there have been so many bad changes, ME. was one. I couldn't agree with you more about unnecessary developments which are only necessary to generate business in the I.T. industry; most P.C. system changes are hardly innovative these days.

I am seriously thinking about moving onto a Mac platform. Apple have been doing the type of things that MS are only just playing with,(Vista for one) very well, and which, the new Windows platform might just be working toward in a more customer friendly way. Mac systems currently seem to have other advantages that are worth consideration.

It's enough to give you headache!!!

My feelings about cell phones are similar to yours. If it works, does the basic phone job and suits me, that's fine. that's all I want.

Anonymous said...

that's a very surprising and heartwarming tale, i was expecting you to report he'd charged you £300for five minutes work as appears usual in the motor trade.

some of them do have souls after all!

fingers-crossed for your ailing pc too.

ZACL said...

Hello Ax,

PC chugging along, though I must admit I am bit wary. The bill for trying to sort it, is likely to be quite hefty as a long time was spent messing about for an end result that was not really expected.

The car outcome was a real surprise, and a very nice one too.

Anonymous said...

I make do with an old computer and car, which is fine for me.
I'm surprised at how often I hear of people having problems with nearly new machines, and at how much they have to pay to get them repaired!
Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hello Mr F.

Similar thinking here. There does come a time when, as in my case,the internal hardware starts to crack up and there are no suitable replacements easily available. Even a formatted 2nd hand HD wasn't suitable. It dated back to 2001 and made awful noises when hitched up! Bar those weaknesses, it might have worked.