Sunday, March 07, 2010


"If a man wants to take on the world, he's great. If a woman wants to do so, she is reckless".

Is that so..........


Vincent said...

They are both likely to be reckless.

But then, it is pleasing to take the trouble to differentiate men from women, and resist the fashion of pretending that everyone is the same.

However, all generalities (including this one) are odious.

ZACL said...

Hello Vincent,

I'm not sure that this is just simply about gender difference. The interpretations that can be placed here, will without a doubt vary, according to the time and place in which we, as individuals, live.

TG said...

Seems that 'taking on the world' is seen as a manly endeavor by the society and therefore, if a woman does that, her motives are hard ti understand by the society. Just guessing.

ZACL said...


I agree in large part with your point of view. Some women who have 'taken on the world', Joan of Arc, Boudica, for example, paid a high price, Joan being burned at the stake, by her own people.

More recent 'distinctive' women who fought to become doctors, for example, practised fully, disguised as men.

Women tolerated a slow development, first being allowed to be educated, then educated professionally apart from male counterparts, followed by being restricted in medicine, for example, their medical role.

It strikes me, that certain proscribed female boundaries can be breached, with a ground swell of support, be it vocal or aggressive.

When it comes to wielding major political power today, I believe that for women, it is harder than it is for men, who do not like to be ruled by women, nor do they like to see women act like they do, to maintain their position. Contrarily, women prefer to see benign female power, such as that of modern day royalty. Women appear to be the greatest critics of women with power.

It is not just about conflict of proscribed roles now days, in Western society, it is about the maintenance of physical supremacy, which is quite a base instinct.

Other societies still control what women do and when they do it, how they do what they do. Any changes in those societies, where women are men's chattels, where women are considered the source for men's sexual weaknesses, will be difficult to make. Small inroads may be possible. It is a relative measurement, but in those societies, all measurements of change in the female position in them, are important.

zewt said...

can't find the link...

ZACL said...

Hi Zewt,

What link can't you find?