Sunday, April 25, 2010


During an amble yesterday, I came across a remarkable lady. She was serene,held herself well and her face had a fine bone structure. Her ability to show disdain, would have been appreciated by a Sheikh. She was a natural for a photo- shoot. This is the face, the one that will be the amazing seller of facial beauty products. 

This profile will do dear, won't it.
P1020526 This profile dear

I rather think this profile will be better.
P1020527 This profile's better

Sheer, disdainful elegance in a powder puff ball.
P1020528 Full frontal elegance

This gorgeous natural model would give any other fashion representative a run for their money.


Anonymous said...

very elegant and aloof indeed,
perfect for any glossy magazines front cover!

ZACL said...

I am so glad you agree. :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully expressive photos! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

She was a modelling dream. :)


keiko amano said...


She definitely has a fine bone structure. I can't see her legs, but they must be sexy. It's fun to read your posts.