Sunday, July 25, 2010


Goofs, gaffs, sound-bites, call them by whatever noun you like, but these two gems were picked up from easy listening to what is known as BBC Radio.

1. In relation to limbering up for serious gardening: we are "too sedatory

2. Boris Johnston, current Mayor of London "Puts his mouth where his bum is..."


Anonymous said...

it's an easy (but quite amusing)trap to fall into for folk involved in live broadcasting as they can't rethink or edit what they say, which is where the written word has great advantage.

sports commentators must forever be wishing they'd thought before speaking.

ZACL said...

Oh indeed...the famous cricket commentary is wheeled out frequently for an airing.

Anonymous said...

I'm okay then as I don't do 'serious gardening'! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Now, now, Mr F. Allotmenteering is the 'in' serious thing in gardening nowadays. Therefore, after a quiet Winter you are either 'sedatory' or what? ;)