Wednesday, September 08, 2010


There was no let up of the wind speeds yesterday, they were even higher than earlier in the week. My little patch of garden edibles was taking a real hammering. For nearly three days the leaves and flowers had survived, being pushed across in one direction and bowed down in yet another. It was difficult for me to harvest anything.

By tea time rain had arrived. I took a deep bowl to attempt to collect a variety garden salads. I specially chose that bowl as I thought it might be easier to protect the little bit of crop I picked. What a sad sight met my eyes. The leaves and flowers already battered by wind had now been softened by driving rain, to such an extent that they had become soggy and torn. I pressed the top of the bowl against me to keep the little amount I had been able to pick from being lifted by the wind. There was not enough for a suitable serving. The weather conditions were just too awful to pick a decent quantity. In the haven of my kitchen I added suitable extras from the fridge to the salad serving bowl.

I have not looked at my little kitchen garden today. I found it so disheartening yesterday to see how it had all been chewed up by the weather. Tomorrow's another day.


Anonymous said...

i hope a little bit of calmer weather and maybe a spot of sunshine will revive your bedraggled crops, plants can be very tenacious sometimes.

ZACL said...

Hello Ax,

Thanks for your comforting thoughts. I understand that today's weather will be the calm one before the next storm. I shall take advantage of it and put towels on the washing line and go look at my crop.

Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

I sympathise, it must be far worse there than here when the weather is like that.
I'm always apprehensive at what I'm going to find when I go to the plot after a wet and windy night as the allotments are rather exposed. Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Apart from today being warm and dry, (weather we have not had enough of)the plants on one side were totally wind burned and cowed. some of the edible blooms were okay, not all. On the Easterly facing side, there was not much wind burn to see, except with the various mint plants. The few decorative plants I have there, were affected.

The forecast suggests more iffy weather on Friday. We don't have a long enough season for the damage to repair itself. I doubt that the plants will truly regenerate, though they will have a go, I am sure.

Thanks Mr F. How is your allotment at the moment?


Anonymous said...

I've not been to the plot since Monday and probably won't get here until Monday morning! There's not much left to harvest so all I'll be doing over the coming weeks is some digging, general tidying up and weeding before I leave it be over the winter months. Flighty xx