Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My heavens....they have opened with torrential hailstones and heavy vertical rain. It feels as if the temperatures have fallen by about 4 degrees Celsius, at least. Where was Summer and should I now be asking where is Autumn?

It's amazing what else comes via airmail, that is apart from torrential hailstones and curtains of rain. I received a superb light green cabbage,which was hurled over the six feet high garden fence this morning. The cabbage landed on the grass and was invitingly waiting for me to take delivery of it. It would sit well in any vegetable produce show. It is huge!

In between stormy bursts, we wandered to the local supermarket just to break into the building sense of cabin fever. The weather forecasters foretell that we have a whole week of this strange and inhospitable weather to look forward to.


Anonymous said...

you're obviously luckier than i, the last thing that came over my garden wall was a carrier bag full of dog poo...why someone had taken the trouble to collect it all and why throw it over my wall, i don't know.

ZACL said...

That is so disrespectful. The collection was undertaken, I should think, because people poo walking their doggies, are likely to be watched. Dog walks are down to a fine art of meeting like-minded people, therefore, you have to keep up a show. Once out of sight, a disposal operation over some poor unsuspecting person's garden wall, may be 'safe' to undertake.

It is a horrid thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I don't like hail as it often flattens everything in the garden! It has been much more settled here, although it rained much of yesterday.
I wonder why the cabbage was disposed of as it was! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hello Mr F,

I would love to say the cabbage was manna from heaven during a quiet weather moment. The truth is less esoteric. It was a gift from the neighbouring farmers.

I'd been up to the farm the day before to buy their free-range eggs and was going to buy one of the cabbages they had for sale in a box near to the eggs. They would have been excess to animal feeding requirements. The lady farmer refused to sell me a cabbage, saying she would drop one over the fence. I have no illusions about her prowess, but I'm very sure it does not go as far as 'putting the shot' over a a burn and a six foot high chain link fence. It is likely instructions were given to one of the younger farm workers who would have a greater hurling capacity.

As for hailstones flattening what's in the garden; again it was my edibles that suffered the most, and that's in addition to the three days battering last week the plants already received.