Friday, October 22, 2010


I visited the GP with an eye problem under the upper lid. A locum was in situ, a nice person though not entirely confidence boosting. "I am not an expert on eyes", the doctor says.

Lying down on a couch to have my eye looked at was novel. And "could you look down at your feet?" I promise you, I tried.  On my back flat out, trying to find my feet was a bit too acrobatic for my eyes.  "It might help if I sat or stood up", I suggested......."No I want you lying down" said the doctor.

"Hm. Would you hold the torch and shine it in your eyes while I try something else, " requested the GP.  I dutifully did as asked.  I felt the lid being lifted; I screeched with pain and strained away, doctor jumped back, ...."that hurt did it, so sorry." 

No surprise I yelled, I saw that the doctor had been trying to poke around in my eye with a wooden throat spatula!!   8|

Should I make a quick exit...."I'm just going to put some drops in your eye....oops, sorry" as the orange fluid covered the whole socket and cavity.   The locum GP made a call to the hospital, for an eye specialist to see me as soon as possible. 

An hour and a half later, I am still in surgery reception - staff awfully sympathetic - waiting for feedback from the doctor, hospital, and a possible prescription, I decided to leave and wait in the comfort of my own home. 

Today, the eye specialist says I have an abrasion on my cornea.  No damn wonder.


Anonymous said...

ouch, sounds very nasty.

eyes aren't easy to rest either are they but i hope things improve very swiftly for you.

ZACL said...

It is a rather big ouch Ax. I gather at least 7 days is required with a prescription, in part "to avoid infection". That bit is too late. Infection was well and truly building up to crescendo by the time I saw the specialist yesterday. I probably had a minor infection when I consulted, made 100% times worse after the cack-handed examination by the GP.

I think I would have been better off making an appointment to see one of the local vets!

Anonymous said...

vets are probably more gentle than GP's as they run the risk of getting bitten...bare your fangs next time!

ZACL said...

Better still sharpen my fangs.....however, I don't want a next time, and especially not with that doctor. (I wonder how long the doc will be in locum for).

The original problem has eased off, as one might expect, the created one, still exists.