Thursday, December 16, 2010


The Arctic zoomed in with huge force today. Snow mixed with hailstones blew in white dusty clouds. If you had the stamina, the balance and ability, it was possible to move [force] your way around, by putting your head down and best foot forward.

This snow battering is very dangerous as it will develop into drifts in which people can be caught to their detriment. Snow drifts also block our lifeline road, usually about 50 miles further South, where there are deep dips in the road. It can only hoped that the gales reduce in force.

I received the nearest experience to nature's own micro-derma-abrasion on my face today. It was a lot cheaper than being pampered by a beautician. That reminds me, I must plaster some moisturising cream on my face, especially the cheeks, they felt particularly raw.


TG said...

We have -9 degrees Celsius tonight, but the sky is clear and no winds. So it's bearable. Please take care.

ZACL said...


Your kind of weather can be healthy to walk in, provided you are properly kitted out, especially with hats, scarves, coats and in particular, footwear. The ice is always a problem.

We had similar temperatures to yours and colder, for about three weeks recently, at that time, there was no forceful wind, just an awful lot of snow.

You look after yourself well.