Friday, December 03, 2010


The British football politics are arrogant and breathtaking. The media's self-serving announcements at the top of the news reports about the winners of the various FIFA favours, is sour. In fact it's spiteful and nasty. There are other far more important matters in the world requiring of attention, and football games, in the global scheme of things, are nondescript.

Was there really a belief that because we are the United Kingdom, we had a right to major consideration?

Was there really a belief that sending the Prime Minister on yo-yo, jamborees, to show his face, along with an old,  ( in sports terms)  football pin-up and a member of the Royals, would secure "a world cup [in the prime-minister's lifetime]"?

Did we really believe that having named and shamed the FIFA organisation, having accused individuals on its voting board of corruption, that Britain would be benignly received? 

There is a case for political, diplomatic, and media circumspection here and rather a lot less arrogance.


Anonymous said...

i couldn't agree more!

we still seem to think that this tiny little country is the head of an entire empire and that the rest of the world should be in awe of us.

ZACL said...

Yes, indeed. I would also add to your comment, Ax, that we also project ourselves 'whiter than white' and demand our moral compass is the only one to be publicly followed, when we, ourselves, have a politically devious and dissimulating one.

I don't align myself with the global corruption at high levels and it does require addressing. however, there are ways and means, which, we should be very adept at.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully I have no interest in football, but I'm not at all surprised by this furore! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

If I were playing cards Mr F, I would say " Snap "!


Harry said...

Like Flighty, I have little interest in football, but find it astonishing that so much money should be used, and so much time taken by our most senior politician to obtain the chance to spend millions of pounds of public money, to host an immense spectacle of football.

The allegations may well be right concerning FIFA, but at least we have seen the moral courage of an Englishman who has voiced his opinion, about FIFA and followed it with resignation. So can we be happy that we will not have a large bill to pay in 2018?

Let them get on with it!

ZACL said...
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ZACL said...

There are other upcoming shows for which we will pay a vast amount, and in times of austerity. We will certainly be footing the bill for the current jamboree.

Will we ever be told the real truth about the financial outcomes of the future big events? Politicians are great at dissimulation.