Monday, February 14, 2011


There were no surprises at the BAFTA Awards ceremony (British Acting Film And Theatre Awards) when it came to the accolades for the selected films, their production teams, the actors and the actresses, who all excelled in their roles. I am happy that I saw three of the films that were feted. That is not easy for me, as we do not have a cinema within 120 miles.

There was one surprise, the 2011 award of the Fellowship of the British Acting Theatre And Film Awards Federation. When Christopher Lee took to the stage, my memories of him as a strong erect man were brought up-to-date. Christopher Lee is an elegant elderly gentleman, who is now quite frail. nevertheless, he was able to summon good energy to make a gracious acceptance speech,which had a rallying quality in its delivery. All his stage skills were in evidence; his timing, his use and projection of his voice, and above all, Lee's diction was clear. At the end of his speech, Lee was determined to lift a quite solid masque award. He was not, however, able to carry it off the stage and at the same time, support himself with his walking stick. 

Posthumous awards may bring comfort and be pleasing for close relatives of a departed award winner. It is even better, indeed, it is great to see that a major achievement and appreciation award from ones peers can be given during a person's lifetime, and while that person can enjoy the pleasure of it.


Anonymous said...

A good year for the awards!

I met Christopher Lee many years ago and found him not only imposing but a real gentleman. I used to know someone who worked at Pinewood Film Studios and she always said that he was one of the few stars who was always courteous and treated everybody with equal respect. His award was deserving in all respects. Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hello Mr F.

It's lovely to hear the personal stories associated with people in and out of the public domain.

It will be interesting to hear what happens at The Oscar awards ceremony. The Golden Globe seemed to be a pre-cursor to the current rolling events. It may be a close run thing between The Social Network and The King's Speech. I wonder if true grit, a film of which I have only seen snippets, will make further headway on the sidelines.