Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Request to a waitress:

Do you have filter coffee? ......

The waitress nods and says ...yes

May we have either a cafetiere each of filter coffee please and a small pot of hot milk or,
A cafetiere for two and a little pot of hot milk, please.

That's fine, she replied and she trotted off to deal with the order.
What  is your understanding of this request?


Vincent said...

There isn’t much to misunderstand, but if she brought two mugs of Nescafé, I would guess she had, despite the odds, misunderstood.

ZACL said...

I agree with you, however, I wanted to check on my communication. What you suggest is almost what happened. We received a cafetiere for two, I started to pour and found I had instant coffee mixed with milk. I took my cup and saucer to the acting manageress and discussed this remarkable performance with her.

Meantime, hubby, more tolerant than I, was prepared to continue with the milky drink. He was dissuaded from continuing with the drink because of its odd taste. When I tried it, it was clear the milk was sour!

I received a single cafetiere of black coffee with the plunger depressed. It was instant coffee. I was prevailed upon not to saying anything.