Do you remember this little fellow from one of my posts in 2010? I am sure you don't. His name is Angus. In this picture he is with his mum.
Suffolk Mum and lamb
Here he is again with his little cousin Skye.
Suffolks and lambs
Both Angus and Skye grew into lovely first year Suffolk lambs, Skye winning prizes in her own right;
P1030257 2010 Aug 5th Angus' relative

Young Angus received first year lamb Championship and Supreme Champion accolades at a large agricultural show in 2010. This year, Angus will be fully grown. There are high hopes of him achieving some prizes in 2011.
P1030255 2010 Aug 5th Angus lamb Champion

There is a new kid on the block, a Suffolk lamb born Hogmanay. This wee chap has been called Dougal. He looks sturdy. It will be interesting to see how he develops. He is pictured here in the field with Skye, who is not his mum: she was not nearby. 
P1000411 Young Dougal 2

And here is Skye sticking her head through the dyke slab to pose for the camera and 'baaa-baa' at the photographer.
P1000404 Dougal + shorn sheep
The Suffolk breed of sheep is fast becoming a rare breed. It is being maintained by 'hobbyists', or in this case, the interest of the farmer's school-age grandson. The farmer grandparents, support his interest. The reason for the reduction in the rearing of the breed, is that they take about two years to mature. There is a very similar breed, (the name of which escapes me) that mature in a year. Economic times being what they are, very difficult, and weather conditions being tough, farmers like everyone else are having to seek out efficiencies in what they do.