Wednesday, May 18, 2011


It's obviously that time of year again when all the would-be dissertation and essay writers start their scatter-gun spamming. (Should I have written these words, they can be tracked...oh dear, what the hell... Go for it!) These self-appointed writers flatter your blog in about half a sentence - I doubt they read it - and if they are really into brevity, they can flatter in three words! 

The the self-styled writers who try to dump their spam on me, do not seem to promote thesis production. Perhaps a thesis could be too challenging. Do any of them offer scientific writing including all the formulae? I don't believe this lot have the specialist skills for anything quite so esoteric. I would think that anyone wanting assistance in producing work at such levels, already has tried and trusted sources they use.

At least the wannabe who fired off the latest offer of work could write in regular English language, there were not any spelling errors, all of which leads me to be a bit more hopeful that the English language in its many interesting forms of daily use and practice, is alive, though, it is not always well.


Vincent said...

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ZACL said...

Vincent, You try and tempt. On this occasion I shall have no difficulty declining! :)