Tuesday, October 04, 2011


The weather forecaster mentioned the dreaded Winter "S" word last night, (October 3rd) taking me and the news presenter totally off guard. She exclaimed in long drawn out breathy shocked vocal sounds, "S--N--O--Wwww! And I jerked out of my chair exclaiming "SNOW!" in a higher pitch and in unison with her. 8|

There have been really heavy sleet-filled showers today and there is a definite nippy edge to the blustery wind. Is this the weather that is the precursor of what is to come, what we have been led to wait for and expect this week. :-/

My snow tyres have been promptly put on order. :.


Anonymous said...

i'd heard that there'll be snow in october too, a sharp contrast to the recent weeks worth of summer.

it's all going crazy...and did you see about the penguin spotted happily swimming off Southsea beach this week?

ZACL said...

We never experienced the balmy days of Summer heat and sun that you had. It's a different world, where I live, in the same kingdom.

I had heard about a visiting penguin off course for the long trek. I wasn't aware it was Southsea though. Wasn't that a bit warm for the bird? What kind of penguin was it? Something tells me it may have been of the 'king' variety.

Anonymous said...

i read that the penguin was usually a native of South African waters, never normally venturing further north than that.

wish i'd seen it with my own eyes.

ZACL said...

What a picture that would have been if you had seen the Penguin. I wonder if it was just off the Needles or the Castle?

Anonymous said...

Mmm, I don't like the sound of that this early on, so let's hope that she's got it wrong! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

I Fervently share your hopes Mr F. However, the weather forecaster was quite clear in saying that there would be snow on high ground. Yesterday's forecast, a bit more localised, did not contradict it, sad to say.