Sunday, October 09, 2011


A happy bleat, for a change, about drying washing and restricting the use of the tumble dryer. The weather has been playing massively manipulative games, getting to the stage where no sooner is a load of washing out on the line, it gets horribly wet by courtesy of Mother Nature, not to mention that I get soaked speedily rescuing the washing from the line. It is also noticeably colder, about 10 degrees Celsius with an icy nip. We'll be lucky to get 12 degrees at any high noon from now on. 

Running in and out to the washing line is becoming an unpleasant Olympic feat. There should be an athletic category for it in the Olympic Games. There are times when I feel I deserve to receive a gold medal for all the effort that goes into external laundry drying! 

This is what I would really like to have. I cannot have one because there's no suitable space for for it. :(
Pulley Dryer

With a basket of washing ready and going nowhere fast, I chatted with hubbie about the ongoing difficulties with drying our laundry. He remembered that we stored under the house a square four section metal dryer frame on wheels, many years ago :?: It was brought out into the daylight and on examining it, we found there was one broken rod, probably the reason for storing it, (rather than discarding the airer). A metallurgist was required....well, not really.   A quick soldering job on the broken rod has the airer erected and in use. Yay! Not that I am bothered, but, hubbie thinks that the airer needs a cosmetic touch to conceal the point of repair. :DD

My dryer bears some likeness to the one below, but is not as tall. I don't have as many racks.
Square airer


keiko amano said...


I didn't know you are an accomplished, gold medalist in running to clothe lines! I am impressed. Yes, weather can be very manipulative at times. But I bet your skill has been good to your physical and mental health. I think I need that.

ZACL said...

You make a fair point Keiko. There is a certain physicality required. A quick response mentally and phyiscally is needed.

I do not think there will be many days that we will be able to trust the weather for drying clothes. At least, now, I can do the washing when I want to, and not to suit the weather!

Anonymous said...

Both of those bring back memories of an often slighty damp home during the winter when I was a youngster!
Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hello Mr F,

We had the pulley airer, mentioned in an earlier blog, when I was young, and there were articulated wooden floor standing airers around, usually where the range was or an open fire, (one) as well.

The current version looks as if it is going to be the airer on wheels and some over radiators in order to use their heat when they are on. I have thoughts about humidity, I'll just have to test it out for a bit.