Tuesday, April 03, 2012


We celebrate with great fanfare past wars, we celebrate the lives of those lost in past wars. Why oh why do we not celebrate peace? 

Having followed our political masters' instructions to top up fuel tanks and in some instances taken some to spare, thus creating a shortage in many places for a fear suggested rather than an actual fact, we have demonstrated that as a nation, masses of people are able to be manipulated. How will that knowledge and ability now be used?


Jenny said...

It is worrying indeed. A cynic might suggest that the rush on fuel pumps was manipulated in order to take the heat off the government in other areas. Not that I would be saying that, of course! (Had to put that in in case 'they' are already monitoring our online activity.) ;)

ZACL said...

Hello Jennyta,

Thanks for visiting.

Your thoughts echo mine.

The 'listening and viewing post' would require a large number of listeners and readers. Would they absorb some of the unemployed as home workers? What a hornets nest it would be.

Anonymous said...

How nice to be in a position where a few well-chosen (or ill-advised) words can create such a panic that the nation gleefully pumps many millions of extra pounds into the coffers overnight.

Someone might learn from this lesson but i doubt if the British public will!

ZACL said...

You make an interesting observation Ax. It is likely that the slow down of near future requirements of fuel will balance off the figures. Why then did the Treasury need the short term loan so fast?

On the other hand, are we crediting these parliamentarians and their departments with too much nous?

Your point about the failure of the public at large to learn is also a fair point. The boy must be careful - in the immortal words of Aesop - not to shout 'wolf' too often.