Thursday, June 21, 2012


Don't know about you, but for Midsummer it's cold and I feel really cold. I Pegged the washing on the line in double quick time. Oh yes, it was dry, for a couple of hours with a winter feel easterly wind, just enough blow for me to cope with, and  just enough blow to get some of the wet out of the wash. By lunch time there were fine droplets of rain; not enough wet though, to unpeg the laundry. I left it where it was. 


It was bound to be cold, because the sheep have been sheared over the last two days. There's always a drop in temperature when the woolly coats come off.  Also,  it was bound to be cold because I decided get out some summery clothes to wear and leave the heavier tops and trousers to hang in the cupboard. 

There's the same perversity with the sideshows, (a little fair with rides) which shows up twice a year. Without fail, if it isn't dull and raining before the stalls pitch up, it sure will be once they are, and there'll be little chance of any good change in the weather till the fair departs. 

According to the official weather people, there was supposed to be a high of 11 degrees Celsius at the top of the day today. That would take some believing. Some nights this week temperatures were low, down at 4 degrees Celsius; not sure where tonight's are plummeting to.


Jenny said...

And with Wimbledon coming up, there's bound to be a lot more rain. :(

ZACL said...

Wimbledon. I hadn't thought of that!

Centre Court has a rollover cover these days, doesn't it, (if anyone can get to it for the finals in the deluges that are likely)?

Flighty said...

Not a lot better here in London, although a bit warmer than there!
And as for Wimbledon that means the next two weeks aren't going too good either!
As gardeners often say...It'll be better next year! Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hi Mr F,

You didn't specify which next year will be better! ;)

Are you getting any useful planting done? Our temperatures are not helping plant life to thrive.....yet again.


keiko amano said...


11 Celcius is winter, and 4 is North Pole.

Well, I've been avoiding the extreme weather of Japan. It's snow in winter, and the summer is humid and very very hot. But soon or later, I have to stick to one country. And if I decide to live in Japan, I'll be complaining about weather at least six months a year.

But I remember we used to say, "It's cold today," and that made us feel better, and when it was hot, "it's so hot. It's over 30. Can you imagine?" Then we felt better.
We had a thermometer in the dining room and we checked it every day. Sometimes, my mother looked at so many times a day and kept saying hot. Actually, those were fun days. But I'm chicken to go back to that time. Brrr. I love the photo.

ZACL said...

Hello keiko,

Perhaps you will not have to decide on one residence just yet. When you do, I am sure you will choose wisely.

There are so many things we tolerate well when we are young, better than when we get older, I guess heat and humidity are just two of those.