Friday, July 27, 2012


The fledgling pigeon fell straight into the water below the safe haven of the nest it had hatched in that was resting on a pipe under a pier.   Sadly, not really a viable nest for it to be launched from. I first met this junior bird, still with its soft furry juvenile feathers, swaddled as you see here.
Pigeon looks uncertain here, soon after its arrival.
At this stage, (later) it was relaxed, drying out and taking in the world it had arrived at - our house. It didn't even mind a gentle one finger stroking of its head.
When hubby rescued it from treading water in the river, he found that the bird's feet were totally clogged up with relatively heavy dried matter from the nest. It didn't stand much of a chance of survival like that. He set about working on freeing the claws.  The animal rescue people were not in the least bit interested in this common specimen. We were told to place it back where it had been so its parents could look after it.  The risky location of the nest was explained, but they were adamant it should go back.   If it had been a rare avian specimen, I bet they would have been tripping over themselves to assist. 
The options, we decided, were to go back and see if parent pigeons were nearby the nest, and/or leave this healthy juvenile bird to its fate from predatory seagulls, or, wait a bit with it, if necessary returning home with the bird.  Hubby did this three times over a day and a half.  On one trip  he thought some jittery adult birds were in the vicinity, though not close to the nest.  Meantime, Pigeon lived in a box and hubby fed the bird.  On the second day, there was every sign that the wings were strengthening. He stayed with the bird while it fluttered around the garden, then finding its freedom, easily, it flew on to the ridge tiles of a neighbour's roof.  It sat there for twenty minutes or so, seemingly taking its bearings.  We like to think it was saying a  bird's farewell to us.


Snowbird said...

Awwwww...what a wonderful story. I'm SO glad you took such good care of it and the outcome was so successful! I'm also HORRIFIED that your local rescue were so unhelpful. The wildlife rescue I work at would certainly have accepted the poor creature!xxxxx

ZACL said...

Hi Plantpot,

The call was diverted to about three places and I have no idea where the bird specialist centre was...they gave no indication. I do know it was not in Timbuctoo...not a lot of help really! My own guess is, it would have been some fair distance from where we were. I got the impression we could not be got off the phone fast enough.

Years ago, I rescued some tiny birds from a garden, no parent in sight. They were all hungry. Sparrows I believe they were. I took them to the local animal rescue, the guy looked in the box and said...."aw guys, you're hungry, we'll get you sorted." He explained to me that they would get them flying out in the wild when the birds were ready. What a difference in approach.

I'm glad hubby has inherited his way with birds from his family.


Flighty said...

Lovely story, and well done for doing that!
The only pigeon, and one of few birds, that I've rescued was a fully grown one I found lying in the snow one winter. I took it indoors and gently wrapped it in old towel but sadly it died a couple of hours later.
Flighty xx

ZACL said...

You gave the bird you found a kind ending Mr F. It is a shame, though, that it was unable to respond to your kind ministrations.


freeasthewind said...

Ahhhhh how nice that you were able to help it and take care of it xxxx

ZACL said...


Thanks for calling in.

We got a warm glow from looking after the bird and from the end result.

Rebb said...

What a heart-warming story, ZACL. It put a smile on my face. I’m happy to hear that there was a happy ending. The photos are lovely too.

ZACL said...

I hope birdie is doing okay. It eventually got a fair start, Rebb.

I'm glad you liked the pictures.

keiko amano said...

I love bird stories. Thank you for rescuing that bird. She or he is so cute. Just looking at your photos, it made my day.

ZACL said...

Hi Keiko,

That is so nice, making your day. It's another warm glow shared.

We are content with the initial outcome.