Friday, December 14, 2012


I was expecting to see the consultant for a triage assessment, the second one in thirteen months for the same issue. This was though, a different doctor from last time.   I had an  evening clinic appointment which gave us plenty of time to get there.

Because of the icy weather and long nights, we decided to take the morning intercity bus the 120 miles journey.  We sat back, admired views from the  new heights of coach seats, and relaxed.   We had to stay in a hotel overnight because there was no way to get home without a car. The last bus and train home from the town centre, ( about 3 miles from the hospital)  both left before 6pm.

There I was sitting with the man himself, who immediately acknowledged I had travelled a long way, "...And you were seen here last November for this problem." I was not sure if this was a question or a statement, after all, he did have the medical file in front of him.  Playing safe, I agreed  it was so. Then the doctor peered at me and said, "We can't leave you like that, something needs to be done." And he repeated it.  Well, I nearly fell off my perch. I heard myself meekly asking something like, "What will you do?" He explained the procedure.  " You mean you will do it now; can you do that?" The doctor gave me a benign smile " Oh Yes,  of course, you have come a long distance and this cannot be left."  That said, he asked the nurse to set up the equipment.

Hubby, who was in the waiting room, had to be forewarned.  There's no knowing what a fright he would have if I suddenly appeared looking like I'd been ten rounds (or, maybe five) in a boxing bout. As it was, he looked quite alarmed at the news of what was about to happen.


Jenny said...

Hope you are OK now, ZACL.

Anonymous said...

Unexpected! - but welcome, I presume, once you'd got over the initial shock.

ZACL said...

Hello Jennyta,

Thanks for you kind wishes. I hope it works, it will be 'wait and see'.


ZACL said...

I was glad that it was recognised something had to be done by the department representatives that could do it, GillyK. Other people outside, those referring me, knew it well before now, hence the referrals.

Initial shock with me usually sets in later, well after surprise and disbelief. I think being a bit do-lally on Thursday was a sign of it.

Snowbird said...

I'm delighted you were seen to but my goodness, what a distance to travel!
I really hope whatever was done was successful and you are on the road to recovery. pleased it will be all sorted for Christmas.xxxxx

ZACL said...

Most people have no idea how much travelling is done for medical treatment where I live, PP.

I am hoping the procedure will be successful. It will take about six weeks to settle. If if the approach taken does not succeed, I would have to be re-referred for '...Something more definitive." Fingers' X'd it works. Time will tell.

Thanks for your kind thoughts.

Anonymous said...

this sounds mysterious and frightening both. Hope all is well.

ZACL said...

Hello Shimon,

I hope it it will work out as the doctor suggests and, I too hope. I really do not want to go down the route of a more complex medical process.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Snowbird said...

I have my fingers and toes crossed too!xxxxx

ZACL said...

Aw, thanks Plantpot.

keiko amano said...


I like the sound of what the doctor said. It seems promising. I like him. I'm glad you made your decision to travel 120 miles again. I know that is not easy sometimes.

I hope it will work.

ZACL said...

Thanks Keiko,

I hope it will work too. I have been told it all should have settled at about 6 weeks; that would be about the third week in January 2013.