Sunday, January 06, 2013


It has become the annual tug of war; every new year, the wise men and women arrive  on the public stage  to state their various 'best ways' to fitness and health, which, always follow on from the annual  population gorge to distraction, primarily in the name of of a religious festival. Having permitted, even encouraged huge amounts of gluttony, it behoves the sages to ply their various wisdoms by laying on the biggest guilt trip about your likely increase in weight. To tussle with it will be your New year's resolution. 

It is, of course, all in aid of our health and well-being, not to mention the great commercial rewards that are to be gained by getting a section of a worried population to take out gym subscriptions to work off the effects of their joyous merrymaking.  And if a gym subscription appeals, if you really want one and can afford it, wait!  Do not sign up in the first two months of the year, deals and conditions are likely to be much more attractive and in your favour if you wait.

Have you considered a slimming club, meetings, or  online?  They will lighten your load, without a doubt, by relieving your purse of more than its loose change. While you can be educated to 'healthy eating' by these clubs - no bad thing- you have to remember that they work on the principal of failure.  Not their failure, your failure; your failure to reach yours or their weight goals; your failure to maintain the goals you have reached. 

There are a number of free or low cost options to get to optimal health  For cardio-vascular health, go for walks, nothing too taxing, but make it regular and extend the amount of walking over time. The walks will also use up calories.  Do not use it as an excuse for replenishing them! At home, vacuuming and other energy-consuming housework is good for men too; it might be an occasional alternative to being rained off.  

Consumption of food. You will know the answer to less. There are ways of doing it, piles of glossy books tell you so There are currently, the motor-biking Hairy Chefs who were grossly obese, and who zoom around the country to proselytize a range of 'healthy' meals with which they renewed their previously strained constitutions; they can tell the men a thing or two. Men like to deal with their consumption issues in a different way to women. So, why did a friend give his slim active wife the Bikers' diet book for Christmas...she reckons it's grounds for divorce!

Another interesting eating habit - it has 
always been known but seems to have become one of the modern unknowns- is to have a couple of fast days a week.  Ladies and gentlemen, it does not mean starving yourself in the true definition of fasting.  These days should be two very light eating days. Start with a light breakfast; drink plenty of water, black tea, herbal teas, or black coffee,  then finish off your day with a light evening meal. You should have eaten half the required normal stated calorie intake for each of those days. You'll have to check the gender specific figures to operate to, for yourselves 

There are people who will require different approaches and who have different needs, which are not helped by promoting celebrations that have become commercially centred on the over-indulgence of food and drink


Snowbird said...

I couldn't agree more! I do think it's as simple as you say, eat a little less and go for a daily walk! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. It's a cynical exploitation of our fears, or guilt, or something. Whatever happened to common sense and a modicum of personal discipline? Do we really have to part with vast amounts of cash to be told what we know already, but don't want to admit?

The answer, as you have so wisely pointed out, is No.

ZACL said...

Hi Plantpot,

Happy New year!

Thanks for your comment. It is not always an easy transition to any new habits, especially those lacking nuclear(family) and local support. I do believe some personal health and diet activities need to be widely encouraged.

ZACL said...

Happy and healthy 2013 GillyK to you and yours!

Yes, you summarise the essence of the discussion very well.

A local pharmacist has used Hairy Bikers' book (approx £7)for a while and has lost about 4 stones in weight. He has a bit more to go. He worked out (with permission from the bikers) how to fall off his perch over the holidays and nip back onto it afterwards. I think that will be the telling bit. However, he has his wife supporting and eating with him, the cooking formulas and routines.

Self-discipline in controlling food intake is the hardest part of all for so many people, though it is by no means the only issue.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll try to eat less bread & serial and eat more fruit. Michael Winner whom I detest as a pompous southerner, actually made money flogging a diet book which when deconstructed basically offered smaller portions.

ZACL said...

Hello Marshland,

Thanks for calling and your comment. It is appreciated.

A hundred pages in book covers are often dressed up with information that could be offered in four pages of bullet points.

Your personal suggestion sounds good. You highlight the variations of eating that are part of people's lifestyles. A lot of people cut down cereals and other carbs together with lower fat eating, and it seems to work for them.

All the best.