Wednesday, February 13, 2013

 This one is the 'builders' best' whirly washing line.... said the sales assistant. The other one, you can see has a bigger and longer metal post and you can adjust the height of it.....The sales patter went on about the comparative strengths of the two whirly washing lines... So it's easy to see why 'the builders' best' won't last as long as the other one; if you're lucky you might get use of it for about ten years, whereas the bigger adjustable whirly dryer would probably give you much, much longer use.
"Oh really, how long do you think?", fifteen years or a bit more, according to what customers tell us.
That's interesting,we've had the one we are replacing for twenty-six years, and it's the same as your 'builders' best'."......... "Oooh, that's not bad is it."

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