Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I felt like a factor surveying the (mini) 'estate,' as I sauntered around the garden today, checking how the plants were thriving.  And thriving they seem to be. In my kitchen garden corner  I saw my new Borage plant just about ready to burst into flower.  I am impatient to see the flowers. The sentinels either side, the 'soup' leaves, as I call them, were looking strong and fresh.  Just out of sight below these herbs, I found some self-seeded Calendula leaves sprouting.  The original plants of three years ago, have left their small legacy. The Mimulas and Pansies provide a nice splash of colour.  The bare ground you see, has nature's flower seed mix about to sprout around the border, (no, not weeds). The mix allegedly keeps away pests such as slugs. When they are stronger, my other nurtured flower seedlings are destined for the rest of the space.

In a previous post, I mentioned my psychedelic salad box containing seeds of all sorts, including cucumbers. Without, at the very least, a cold frame  to protect fragile seeds and to encourage seedlings to grow, I was a bit stuck.  Salad leaves are no problem, they grow easy peazy, once temperatures allow, as you can see. Very soon I'll have very pretty multi-coloured bowls of salad. I'll defy anyone to not be tempted.

With hubby's ingenuity, I have acquired a cold frame-cum-greenhouse. This fish box has taken on a new lease of life.
I set to, planting seeds in peat containers.  I labelled the ones from the Psychedelic box. Oh dear; I picked up the wrong pen and the names have washed off!  It's going to be guess work now.  I know that there are radishes, and some kind of cucumbers - I'll check the box for the rest of the likely crop.  

I've got more mixed salad leaves growing in the plastic pot below; they were planted later than the ones in the tub above, and with the protection of 'the  frame' they're almost the same size as the others.  In the black seed tray are flowers, including cornflowers, (I hope)  The seeds were rather old -several years - and I am very surprised and pleased to see a result. 
The plan is to pour compost into the covered fish box when some of the seedlings are ready to prick out and use it as a mini greenhouse.  Fingers crossed I choose the cucumbers, whichever leaves they are!!  

I also have pots of flowers in between pots of onion and garlic chives; parsley, curly and flat.  I have pineapple and apple mints, currently recovering from being re-potted.  The open white fish box you see peeping out of  the bottom left corner has been used for a few years for growing coriander and salad leaves.  This, then, is my developing Kailyard, (Scottish, for a kitchen garden).

At the other end of the garden, hubby dug a potato patch. A present of some unusual species prompted it.  Added to that, a young relative wanted to be part of the planting.  Junior should return soon to see how much the potatoes have grown. Harvesting them should be fun. Junior's row is at the front, not quite as far on as the others.

I have started to develop an uncared for corner.  I want it to become a country garden; you know, the kind that looks as if it all happened by itself. 

Some of my fifty bluebell bulbs have grown and they are showing flower heads.  I can see that the Crocosmia bulb which flowered Late Summer last year, has tripled in quantity. For a further splash of colour, I planted another fifty yellow Allium bulbs in one day of good weather in early Spring, and I do believe I can see some points of leaves breaking through the soil. If you peer into the picture, (bottom left) you will see my Primula Candelabra. 

This year, after not doing much previously, it is sporting five flowering branches.

 Last, today's harvest from the sea appeared.  It's time to create space in the freezer.


Anonymous said...

How enjoyable to have a look round your garden and see how well it's all doing.
Many of the plants you mention will self-seed, like the borage and calendula, or multiply quickly such as the crocosmia.
The adapted fish box is a good idea and should prove most useful.
Happy gardening, Flighty xx

Anonymous said...

It all seems to be flourishing in a very satisfying way, as well as looking colourful and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Looks very good. Glad that things are growing. Sometimes, when writing on plastic boxes, it's best to use masking tape and then write on that.

Snowbird said...

I've had the exact same problem with my labels this year and am still guessing away. Look out for the hairy leaves, they'll be the cucumbers.

How lovely to see what you are growing and have the chance to peek in your garden. A lovely surprise for me and a very enjoyable post.

I think that box is an excellent mini greenhouse and is certainly doing the job.

You should have a good harvest this year re the salad, herbs and potatoes...will enjoy the follow up.

Now......WHERE on earth did the fish come from????? A Charles Forte moment???? did they fall from the sky????? Do tell....xxxx

ZACL said...

Hello Mr F,

I shall have to look up on how to use Borage. The hardy herbs seem to be doing okay. I had no idea the Borage self-seeded -I'll have to keep an eye on that as the space it is in, is not extensive.

You remember the other two herb pots I was given, too 'soft' to survive outside, they did not do too well inside either. Bugs got to them.

I am pleased, thus far, with what there is outside.

ZACL said...

Hi Gillyk,

Thanks for your comment. The floral bit does brighten things up.

ZACL said...

Hi Shimon,

Thank you for the idea - I will remember it. the other thing I should have done was use the right pen, an indelible one. I did not check on the type of marker I used. Ho for the fun of researching what the leaves might be!

ZACL said...

Hairy leaves for cucumbers, do you have a picture of one Snowbird? It might help. As yet the baby leaves are not showing any hair covering.

There is one pot that is developing fine tubular growth that might just be chives. I do have a couple of different chives, but never grown by me from seed in pots. they tend to look after themselves as a rule.

We are looking forward to the harvest.

The fish; unless C.Forte has been to the sea, I doubt he would have got that small bounty.