Thursday, May 29, 2014

Deliveries N E V E R Arrive Earlier- Word Games

You remember, (previous post) I was told that a delivery I was waiting for would arrive on Monday next, also, that deliveries never arrive earlier than stated, well, guess what happened............... 
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I was out all afternoon. On my way home I felt a bit jaded, so, I stopped off at the local supermarket café, bought a drink and munched a moist blueberry muffin, (naughty but nice).  

A grotty [news]-paper for café customers had an interesting word game, the kind where you are given a number of letters, you make words found in a dictionary and each word must have  a minimum of three letters from those given plus  the given centre letter.  Adverbs are not usually allowed.  There's always one eight letter word to find. This word game allowed adverbs, just as well, the centre letter was a 'Y' . Generally, average ability is given as fifteen words. My brain sizzled while I scribbled. 

 Half an hour later, with two eight letter words and fifteen words in total - Yay! at least average - I decided I had better pick up my bags wander on up the hill to home.  My brain was still actively composing words as I walked. 

My key turned in the lock of the front door about 5pm. I felt the need for a wee rest, all the brain work with word creation must have used up some energy. I sat in the armchair and dozed off. Half an hour later, I was startled awake with the doorbell.  I found our local friendly courier at the door with my parcel.  

The courier commented that he was always doing deliveries for certain companies earlier than customers expected.  He had to wait for me to set in motion various things which, if, I had been better informed, I would have completed in advance of the delivery.  While I did those things, the courier sat patiently waiting in my kitchen. 

I signed his electronic machine.  Oh bother, I did not get the man's signature, obscurely, in a booklet he gave me, which I discovered was part of the delivery process, only after he had gone.  I'll try get it done, if I see the guy around town. I often do, but, you can bet on it, that because I now need to see him, it won't happen.

Apart  from a blip or two, Lady luck smiled, thus far.


Vincent said...

Now you have me worried. My younger daughter, who lives 5 minutes' walk away (if you take the back alley where they dump mattresses) has asked me to take temporary delivery of her new bed, estimated arrival Monday.

This cottage being v. small, it means I must finish my current DIY project before it arrives, otherwise we wouldn't be able to navigate between rooms till she collects it. And even then . . .

Such is parenthood, though. It never ends, even after they find their own places to live.

ZACL said...

Oh, Vincent, I hear and empathize with your crie de coeur, especially the bit about parenthood.

A bed is such a bulky thing to take care of. Is a shed available?

Anonymous said...

You might have guessed that would happen. Flighty xx

Vincent said...

Mine came early too! Fortunately it is 2 flat packs, easy to walk over them. When I informed her by text she replied "Ooh! Will it fit in my Clio?" I'm sure she'll grow up one day. She's only 25.

ZACL said...

Hi Mr F,

I am definitely not tempted to call the company to update them on their knowledge base!

ZACL said...

Hi Vincent,

Well, would you credit it! Great the bed is in flat packs.

Do you think your 25 year old is engaging you in an offer to deliver her bed? Suggesting a Clio for a bed length package is rather 'interesting'. I'm not even sure it would work with top load bars on that model of car. As you say....only 25.

Snowbird said...

Gosh, it actually came earlier and WHEN you were home.....wonders will never cease. All my parcels of late are going next door even though they are addressed to

ZACL said...

Morning Snowbird,

The delivery was a surprise, but, a welcome one.

I have to ask, why do you think your parcel deliveries are being left next door?

It's definitely one way of getting to know your neighbour. XX