Monday, September 15, 2014


I am going to give up on dressing myself in summer clothes. By about two o'clock this afternoon I had completely changed my outfit.   

Almost as soon as I had finished dressing this morning, my cotton top with elbow length sleeves was hidden by my fleece.  For added warmth I zipped it up.  My twenty-seven inches of skirt did quite a good job as far as it went, however, from below my bare knees to my toes I developed purple skin and goose bumps. Not nice. An hour later I gave in, put on a pair of tights and slipped my feet back into my open sandals.

The sandals were not, I decided, the best footwear for a walk. Why not then, change into a pair of shoes and a longer skirt- ankle length would do - to give added warmth. So, that is what I did. The sleeveless quilted zip top over my fleece finished off the outfit.  

The weather had other ideas as I saw when I stepped outside. In the near distance a haa headed in my direction and I felt a light spray on my face.  My washing! I dived back into the house and out to the garden to unpeg my very damp laundry.

Time for another change of clothing; this time I put on a hat, my gilet was replaced with a warm coat and I wore a pair of gloves. We had a lovely and slightly circuitous walk into town through Scotch Mist, passing by fairy circles, which we saw on the communal green. The toes of my shoes got a bit wet on the really did not matter.  My feet were warm and dry and so was I.


Anonymous said...

I sympathise, but it's a familiar story thanks to our continually variable weather, even on a daily basis. Flighty xx

ZACL said...

So true, so true, Mr F.


keiko amano said...


I wish I were in Scotland right now. Yesterday and today, the temperature has been about 106 F in Southern Calif. The temperature usually goes down in the evening but last night it was still 83 F.

So, you updated your clothing like five times! It was good that you were at or near home. I have a friend in Japan, who carries several clothing in her bag such as a light and heavy stoles, and a sweater or something. So, our photos show she looked like dressed in different outfits in the same event.

While you changed your clothes, did your husband do the same? I bet he didn't or if he did, just add a jacket or something.

Long long ago, I met a man on a snowy day, who was wearing a coat. We went into a very warm cafe, so I suggested him take off his coat. He told me his mother also tell him that, but he didn't believe in it. He said there was no point in adjusting body temperature. We had coffee and his forehead looked more and more wet from his sweat. That was our only and last date.

ZACL said...

Lovely to hear from you Keiko.

I liked your description of the man who sweated out his over-dressed state.

All my changes of clothes occurred while home. I just got colder and colder. I am thinking of adding another layer right now.

Hubby was dressed much warmer than I was, he had no need to add anything except a coat when we went out.

Today was different. He got too hot in a cafe and took off his coat plus two more layers for the time we were in there. This doesn't happen very often because he usually dresses to suit temperatures and to suit what he is doing with his hobbies both inside and outside.