Thursday, February 26, 2015


Am I the only person who uses a mobility electric scooter in a store, which runs out of steam?  Just as I turned the corner by the stock cubes display the scooter burped to a stop.  That folks was the end of my uninhibited, independent,  browsing and shopping. 

A  rather good looking, young-ish, lively store assistant with laughing eyes arrived to help.  Oh dear…. the store had two of these scooters and the other was in use. Nothing for it but to disconnect the empty battery and pull me round, he holding the front basket which was loaded, with me continuing to steer the apparatus. 

Where did I want to go to next….honestly… no… I could browse and shop….. he was there to assist, etc. etc.  I couldn’t, I  just couldn’t  take my time, weaving in and out of aisles and corners, checking on things that caught my eye while reliant on a minder, however nice he was.  If I had been a good bit younger, I might have revelled in keeping his undivided attention.  But, as it was, there were three more items I definitely wanted to find and then, with this rickety steed, it was onward to the check out. 

Nobody batted an eyelid when I zoomed off up the aisles at the start of my shopping journey on the scooter.  An awful lot of people stared as the vehicle  was ignominiously pulled  into the ‘pit-stop’ by its basket with me astride its seat. 


Anonymous said...

I thought that you were going to say that it was like being on a fair-ground bumper car!
At least you didn't get completely stranded thanks to that assistant.
Flighty xx

ZACL said...

A mobility scooter is much more sophisticated than a fairground bumper car, Mr F. My first time on one in a different store, I had to learn to moderate my speed and get used to reversing without tipping things over.

This time, my second experience, I felt like an old hand and I was reversing okay. Pity about the battery.

The assistant was fantastic! Talk about going the extra mile, he went way beyond that. I have registered my compliments with the store manager; I hope he gets the store good service award, or similar, he deserves it.