Sunday, April 12, 2015


I couldn't believe my eyes yesterday afternoon....well you wouldn't would you, after having a few lovely settled spring-like days. There was an icy nip to the wind  on Friday 10th April, with temperatures hovering around 9 deg Celsius.  Admittedly, you did feel the wind chill, which is not unusual. But, when I saw sleet hitting the last items of washing drying (or, so I thought) on the line, on Saturday, I was almost thunderstruck.  

Today, I awoke to blindingly bright sunshine and blue skies. Without a by-your-leave, the brightness disappeared; I had to switch on house lights!  Since then different kinds of showers have raced in on the back of each other.  We have had snow, sleet, hail and icy rain blobs. If I am honest, it took my psyche a while to absorb today's changed and constantly changing weather patterns.

Lambing at the farm next door is going apace, the damp and cold is not good for the new lambs.  Instead of being introduced out into the fields quickly after arriving in the world, they will have to be sheltered till weather conditions perk up.

This is not a day for a meander, not that I am quite in a position to do that yet...what with foot recuperating from trauma.  I've developed a cool style in limping. A visit to the cinema is planned for tonight,which means our evening meal will have to be one that that is " One I prepared earlier" to coin a TV cook's phrase, and which, will be good when it is re-heated.

Our meal won't be  like this one.
One of two films I hoped would arrive at our cinema has done so.  Suite Francaise is a book I read about three years ago. It is  very beautifully written by Irene Nemirovsky, who had an extraordinary ability.  She was one of the millions who were murdered in the concentration camps in Europe in World War 2. Irene was a young vibrant talent who had so much more to give and who, like so many people, was lost to us.  I am interested to see how Irene's book has been interpreted for film.


Snowbird said...

The film certainly sounds interesting.
It is heartbreaking to think of all those who were so coldbllodedly slaughtered, so much talent and so many lives never to come to fruition.
I'm glad you are getting around, here's to continual improvement.
Gosh.....we've had wind and rain, but snow, sleet and hail?????? Shocking is an understatement!!!
I'm glad the lambs are being kept

ZACL said...

Hi SB,

Hubby's one word critique of the film was "powerful". So it was. It is one of those situations where I would suggest seeing the film first then organise to read the book after.

What more can be said about our descension into wintry weather and just a day after I had enjoyed gazing at my Primulas and the shoots of Spring flowers.

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Saturday was cold, wet and windy here in contrast to the day before.
It's all too typical British weather isn't it.
Sheep and lambs next door must be good to watch.
I've read, and enjoyed the book, and will probably see the film sometime.
Flighty xx

ZACL said...

Hello Mr F,

The film went on circuit a while ago. I was not sure if it would appear locally. It was made by the BBC film unit, the same people who created 'My Week With Marilyn". If you get a chance to watch it, I highly recommend it. It is a snippet of time relating to Marilyn Munro and Arthur Miller who she had just recently married. The actress who charaterised Munro so superbly, is playing in SF too. Having watched the film, I am keen to return to Suite Francaise. It is a different 'modelling' of human relationships. I found it a very beautiful piece of writing.

A few older lambs came out to play for a very short while today. The weather is still very cold and unsettled.

Anonymous said...

Extraordinary weather! Let's hope it settles down soon into something more consistently springlike - good for the lambs and for your recovering foot - not to mention the washing.

The film sounds very good. I'm not inclined towards going to the cinema, but tend to get things on dvd once I've made up my mind I really do want to see it.

Glad you are keeping body and mind busy!

ZACL said...

Hi Gilly,

Body and mind will be getting back to where they were without fail, though, a little less overbalancing might help my aims!

If you do decide to watch the film Gilly in any form, I would suggest doing so before you read the book, that is assuming you have not already done so. The book is a beautiful literary work and its content, to my mind is perceptively crafted.

If you haven't seen The Theory Of Everything, it is worth thinking about putting on your list. I thought The Imitation Game terrific and difficult to surpass. Theory did more than surpass it... it was amazing. I have seen it twice and was equally as impressed on both occasions. Theory more than deserved its accolades.