Monday, December 12, 2016


After depositing a present for a child in a Gift Bank, I was presented with a net bag full of milk chocolate money coins. 

The first nursery kid I saw on the street got them. I did ask the [surprised] taken aback parents first.

 “Oh goody chocolate”, said the kid as he reached to snatch what I offered him, to an embarrassed  parental chorus of, “ Say please and say thank you”.  Neither nicety materialised from delighted single-minded junior. 

 .......”It’s Christmas.” I said, and went on my way.  

I couldn't resist looking back.  The grown-ups had happy smiles on their faces.


Anonymous said...

Nice gesture! Although I do wonder what's happened to manners these days. But now I'm beginning to sound like my mother. Or even my grandmother. Oh dear!

ZACL said...

This kid was obviously a go-getting one Gilly. I can't think of a three year old unexpectedly being offered sweetie goodies not making a grab for them. 'Manners' to the wind.... they can come after. It's animal kingdom stuff.

Truth be told,I moved off quickly, probably too fast for the kid to say something more.

Our forefathers/mothers must have instilled some of their ethics into us, we do remember them, even if they are not proffered in the same fashion that our forefathers/mothers may have used.

Snowbird said...

What a lovely thing to do, very spontaneous, I love it!xxx

ZACL said...

Hi Snowbird,

Och, 'tis the all that. :)


zalandeau said...

Était-ce un cadeau du père Noël ?

ZACL said...

Salut Zalandeau,

Je te souhaite un bonne annee!

Un cadeu de pere ne sais pas si -il etais. Le jeune homme il s-habillee pour son metier dans bureau. :)

zalandeau said...

Je vous souhaite à tous une bonne année et une bonne santé. Prospérité et bonheur pour nos amis Britanniques !

ZACL said...


Merci pour tes gentilles souhaites. J'espere ca meme pour nos amis en France!